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Shredder Art

Shredder Art

At Moomah we spend a lot of time coming up with new kids’ art projects but our best ideas always come when we just sit back and watch our *Little Artists create on their own. If they’re giggling and engaged it’s definitely a great project, and if they come up with it on their own then there’s nothing better.

Little Artist: Maggie Rose
Age: 6 yrs.
About the Artist: Maggie loves art, music and her dog Barkly. She is constantly coming up with new art projects that we find enchantingly creative and fun*.

Maggie came up with the idea of making shredder art when she was hanging out in the Moomah offices one day. We were all busy, and she was getting bored- she wanted to help!  We gave her some paper to put through the paper shredder and the rest was history. The paper happened to be colored paper and Maggie instantly saw the scraps as a way to make art! This could be a great way to make use of those left over wrapping paper scraps from the holidays, too.


What you need to create your own Shredder Art:

• Paper Shreds. We recommend putting lots of different colors through your shredder!
• Elmer's Glue or Mod Podge
• Scissors
• Pencil
• 12"x12" Colored Card Stock
• A silhouette to trace. You can download the ones we used here on standard printer paper at 100% to fit on 12"x12" paper:

DOWNLOAD >> Camel • Rhino

*We would love to feature and shower praise upon other young artist who invent their own art projects. If you know of a Little Artist  with a great idea for an art project we happily accept submissions. Email us with brief description, along with a photo of a finished project.

PRINT and CUT your silhouette.

TRACE your silhouette onto your colored paper.

FILL your pencil tracing with glue.

PLACE the shedded paper onto the glue. When you have filled the whole shape with glue and shreds, take a scrap piece of paper and put it on top to press all the paper into the glue. GENTLY peel off and let dry. 

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