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Winter Log Cabin

Winter Log Cabin

I have become my mother. I begin listening to Christmas songs the day after Thanksgiving and I don't stop until Sirius makes me. I love decorating the house with as much crap as I can unearth and if ABC Carpet and Home or Anthropologie were to make a chic Santa toilet cover, I would buy it.

When I was little I would lie under our Christmas tree at night, staring at all the miniature villages my mom had painted in her ceramics class. I could easily imagine myself inside the quaint toy store and candy shop. We did this adorable log cabin at Moomah and it brought back all of those sweet memories.


Natural Wood Log Cabin
Paint Brush
Model Magic
Tacky Glue
Schleich White-tailed Buck


PAINT your cabin any color you desire. 

ADD a layer of snow on the roof to get that winter feeling (make sure the paint is completely dry before moving onto this step!)

You can do this in two ways :
Spread tacky glue along the roof, dripping down towards roof's edge. Sprinkle glitter over the glue so that it sticks and has a snowy appearance. 
Use model magic! Take some model magic and simply press it along the roof top, creating the snow effect. Sprinkle the glitter directly on top of the model magic and it will stick down.

MAKE a snowman! Model magic is the perfect material to make a little snowman to sit outside your cabin. Roll pieces of model magic into balls and gently press them on top of each other to create the snowman. Use simple pieces of material to create a scarf for your snowman, little twigs for arms and cloves as eyes, buttons and a nose.

Get creative with your log cabin and surround it with beautiful wintery items. Add dear, trees or anything you can imagine to help turn it into a sweet place that you could see yourself getting comfortable and warm in this winter.

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