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Winning the Battle Against Ugly Toys

Winning the Battle Against Ugly Toys

- By Tracey Stewart

I used to have an apartment that was nicely designed, comfortable and sparse.  Then I had children. I tried to fight the takeover.  I bought the tasteful stylish bouncy seat with its simple canvas cover, devoid of any hideous bells and whistles, but the boy just cried when I placed him in it.  So, inevitably, I gave in to the electric neon bouncy seat with the gaudy arch festooned with ducks… ducks that lit up.  I can still hear the horrible, horrible song it played.  The boy loved it.  Despite it being butt ugly, I loved it. It brought me sanity.

My kids are now older and while their toys are getting more expensive, they’re still ugly.

Recently, my daughter moved her Barbie from a tasteful beachfront one bedroom to a gigantic plastic McMansion. As much as I love my daughter and as much as I want Barbie to have room to expand her family… something had to be done.  I had suffered long enough. I took a bookcase that housed books (let’s face it, as a parent I don’t have much time to read anymore), and transformed it into a cool doll apartment.  My daughter loved it!

I didn’t just stop at Barbie. I used other bookshelves to create environments for legos, animals, superheroes… I can’t stop myself. The bookshelf transformation works wonders whether you have limited space, are visually offended by the appearance of a Barbie mansion or are just looking for an inspired way to play with your child.

I’m anticipating that by the time my kids lose interest in playing with toys, I’ll at long last have time to read a book again (please tell me this is true). At that point, the dolls will move out and the books will move back in, but for now, Barbie and the other gals are enjoying their spacious new apartment, and so am I."

For More Guilt-Free Decluttering:
Get to know ReCrib

If you’re looking for other guilt-free ways to declutter the house, there’s a fantastic new company run by an extremely nice mom and dad called Recrib. Daniel and Michelle Lehmann have created an online marketplace for families who are looking to buy and/or sell their coveted cribs, beds, changing tables, dressers, strollers, high chairs, car seats, bouncy seats, and more. Click here to check it out!

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Linda said…

That is an awesome idea! We recently witnessed the extinction of all dinosaurs in our home but a bookcase would have made a nice prehistoric backdrop. I’m not so sure how to decorate with the current zombie craze…

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