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Why We Love ‘Time For Dinner’

Why We Love ‘Time For Dinner’

-Tracey Stewart

I have recently found there might still be hope for me in the kitchen, thanks to the ingenious family-friendly cookbook, Time for Dinner, brought to us by the lovely editors of the much missed Cookie Magazine, published by Chronicle Books. In addition to being one busy mom, I am also challenged in the culinary arts. Yet this book has managed to motivate me to embrace the possibilities of cooking well for my kids. Following recipes from this book is the equivalent of literally having someone holding my hand every step of the way as I prepare simple, fast, creative and delicious meals for my family. It even gives me a starting point for organizing my pantry and fridge!

I love how the book is divided into simple chapters that are broken up into different complexities of meal-making.  From quick and easy, to great party and group ideas, this book makes meal planning a snap.

And beyond just the tasty food, Time for Dinner provides a busy mom with some invaluable culinary tips: From using a waffle iron as a sandwich press, to "Ice-Cube-Tray Sushi", these talented ladies thought of a million ways to make meal-prep fun.

Our favorite is the Taco Party! Chapter: Titles include, "If I could Just Make it to Wednesday"; "I Want Something Simple, Fast, and Hard to Screw Up"; "I want to Have a Family Dinner Where We All Eat the Same Meal";  "Do Sandwiches Count?";  "I Want to Use What I Already Have" and "Let's All Have a Playdate".

The sheer brilliance of Time for Dinner is summed up perfectly in the introduction of the book: "What you are holding in your hands is more parenthood playbook than cookbook. It takes into account that some days, you feel like Supermom, ready to prep for four days’ worth of meals; and some days, it’s all you can do to slather a little peanut butter and jelly on bread and yes, call it dinner."  Ah, this is our people.

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