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Make Nice Mission: Where Was Your Shirt Made?

Make Nice Mission: Where Was Your Shirt Made?

Did you know that fair trade products go beyond fruits and vegetables in the grocery store to include the clothes we wear every day? T-shirts, socks, underwear, bed linen and bath towels can all be made out of cotton - a material that is sourced by farmers.


Just like our fruits and vegetables, cotton is grown in fields and requires hard working farmers to grow and harvest the material and trade it in return for money. Unfortunately, a lot of cotton farmers in developing countries receive low prices for their cotton and find it hard to compete with other farmers in more developed countries.

Once the cotton has been harvested, sweatshops are commonly used to turn the material into clothes. This means that not only are the farmers being underpaid for their hard work growing the cotton, but other makers are underpaid and poorly treated around the world. Sweatshops are factories that employ workers at very low wages and make them work for long hours under poor conditions. In these sweatshops, children who have not been given the chance to attend school may be forced to work for little pay. This is child labor.


We can stop child labor and make the conditions in factories better for workers by buying clothes with a fair trade label. Paying attention to the label helps up to know that we are supporting workers who are being paid fairly and given safe working conditions. Fair Trade USA has identified some companies and products that have been Fair Trade Certified.

Click here to see which apparel items they recognize as being Fair Trade >> 

Purchase a fair trade t-shirt and use it to encourage others to read labels, buy fair trade and help to spread the word about human rights issues.


"Fair Trade" Template
Iron-On Fabric Transfers
Fair Trade White T-shirt
Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers


PRINT the template onto a fabric transfer sheet. You will notice that the template is back-to-front so that it transfers straight on to your t-shirt.

CUT around the image and PLACE it face down on the shirt.


IRON the template onto your t-shirt according to the instructions on your fabric transfer kit. Pay particular attention to the edges of the paper to make sure they are firmly pressed down.

PEEL the transfer paper off your shirt to reveal the template.


DECORATE your t-shirt using fabric paint or fabric markers.

WEAR your t-shirt and let everyone know that you encourage buying fair trade!



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