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We Love Tage Andersen

We Love Tage Andersen

I really, really love hosting holiday dinners, mainly because I don't have to leave my own home. If my husband didn't spend some time as a short-order cook I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do. He keeps the biscuits from burning and the turkey from getting dry. I am left to drink wine and decorate the table. This year I've fallen in love with the sculptor, designer, florist and all out Renaissance man, Tage Andersen. Creative and beautiful beyond belief, it may be over the top to attempt a replica of one of his grand masterpieces, but hey, a little of his style is sure to have us sporting the best looking holiday table around!

Born and raised in Denmark, Tage Andersen was trained as a pastry chef before opening up his first flower boutique in 1967. Since then he has opened two more flower boutiques, the House of Tage Andersen, held numerous exhibitions in Denmark, won several awards for his pieces and is the author of six incredibly glamorous (and expensive) books. All that is created extends far beyond simple floral arrangements. His use of old wired birdcages, mirror pieces, rusting iron and rotting fruit in sculptures is breathtakingly beautiful.

In 1987 the opening of the House of Tage Andersen at Ny Adelgade 12 in Copenhagen, which includes a studio, a boutique and exhibition rooms and is open to the public. Tage himself is said to be there most of the time, "Our house in Copenhagen is the centre of my world. All that is created and exhibited here emanates from my thoughts and ideas and is produced in our workshops in Denmark". Tage believes that the type of material is of little importance, “to permit himself to improvise is naturally a great delight”. And what a delight it is.



For my holiday dinners, I only attempt to be inspired by his work, not to emulate it (which is of course impossible). I figure if I set the bar really high and then go at it with my meager flower arranging skills, I should come out somewhere in the middle. A few "Ooohs" and "Aaahs" is all I need. I did indulge in several of his flower holders, which I purchased at Dienst and Dotter. For my Thanksgiving table, I chose flowers with really intense colors, like amethyst and petrol, which I purchased from my favorite florist, Polux Fleuriste. For the containers I went with zinc and wood. 

Here is how it turned out:


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Our boy crush of the month and our eternal inspiration, if you travel to Denmark be sure to visit Tage in his magical world.

Tage Andersen Boutique and Museum
Ny Adelgade 12
Copenhagen K

View Tage Andersen's Website >>


Photo Credit:
Portrait of Tage Andersen by Emil Johansson

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