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Watercolor Notecards with the Makerie

Watercolor Notecards with the Makerie

A mother-daughter craft collaboration from The Makerie's Ali DeJohn and her daughter, Mia, just in time for Mother's Day.

"A professional artist I am not, nor am I a majorly skilled crafter or design degree holder," explains Ali, "but am simply someone who has a deep love for all things creative." This love for all things creative inspired Ali to start up The Makerie - a creative retreat for adults to escape in a cozy cottage, with fresh food straight from the farm, and lots of creative art workshops to get lost in.

But Ali's creativity extends beyond her business, and into her life as a Mom:  

"I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for simple creative collaborative projects that I can share with my little ones that don’t require a lot of prep work or fancy supplies. One day, when my daughter was painting, she decided to cut her finished work into small pieces. I loved how organic the patterns and shapes looked and happened to have some plain notecards lying around. Since I love to sew on paper, I decided to sew her designs onto them and make them into a handmade stationery gift set for my mom. She loved them and they were so much fun to make together. They make perfect gifts for friends, teachers, parents and grandparents, or even just great to have as a special stash of handmade cards of your own."

Here's how they do it:


• Watercolor Paints

• Paint Brushes

• Small jar of water

• Watercolor paper (I prefer the heavy textured stock)

• Scissors (get creative with fun edged ones)

• Sewing machine (or glue if you don’t have one on hand)

• Thread (any color)

• Plain notecards & Envelopes

• Pretty string or ribbon to wrap your set



SET UP your supplies in an organized manner. You’ll need your watercolors, a small jar of water, paintbrushes (I like to store them upright in a cup), water color paper & a rag or a few paper towels.

HAVE your little one create a variety of watercolor paintings, encouraging pattern making and free form designs as opposed to a specific scene.

DISCUSS with your child how you're going to do the project, and how together you’ll be cutting out different shapes and sizes out of the painting once they're finished. Showing respect to a young artists’ work is always at the forefront of my mind, so asking before cutting into the work is an important piece of the project and encourages the collaborative nature of it.


ONCE the paintings are dry, CUT them up into various shapes and sizes. Feel free to get really creative here! Think heart shapes, circles and using fun edged scissors.

CUT the painted pictures into shapes that will fit on your blank notecards.


ARRANGE the pictures onto your notecards and SEW them on. My daughter loves to help with this part and has the most fun picking out her stitch design. I like to experiment. I recently used smaller pieces in a collage format and it gave it a really modern feel. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, glue works perfectly fine, too.

HAVE your child sign their name to the card.


These notecards can also be done with older art works, not necessarily newly made ones. Follow the steps above, using your child's art work that is around the house, and send them out as thank you notes, invitations, or greetings cards. (But make sure to get their permission before you go ahead and cut up their work!)

The Makerie is a retreat focused on all things creative including letterpress, painting, photography, block printing and more.

The retreat offers morning yoga, special evening events, Sunday hiking, all meals & lodging, and the same loving, creative, inspiring atmosphere.


Photo Credit: Linda Winski

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me said…

where are those gorgeous watercolors from?  mia’s artwork is beautiful!

jeanine said…

the stitching part seriously makes the craft itself!

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