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Under The Sea Shadowbox

Under The Sea Shadowbox

The shadowbox is our favorite way to collect, save and present our treasured items. If your kids are always coming back with more and more collectables from their day at the beach, a shadowbox may be the perfect way to show them all off in style. Those extra shells that weren't turned into glitter shells will be used just as beautifully in our Under The Sea Shadowbox.





PRINT your Under The Sea background.

CUT the background to size so that it fits on the back wall of your shadowbox.

ADD illustrations to your background - fish, coral, etc.

PASTE your background onto the back of your shadowbox.

BEGIN to fill your shadowbox. Remember to pay attention to the way your shadowbox opens as this will decide how you fill your box. If the shadowbox opens from the back, be sure to fill your items facing the glass front.

PLACE the model magic on the base of the shadowbox. If you have sand, lay some on top of the model magic and it will stick.

STICK your shells into the model magic.

USE the sponges as coral and STICK them on the bottom of the ocean floor or anywhere around the edges.

ADD your pipe cleaners and moss.

GLUE your figurines in place wherever you choose.

BE SURE to have all items stuck in place - you don't want them moving around once you've finished.

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