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TOOLBOX: Basic Floral Centerpiece

TOOLBOX: Basic Floral Centerpiece

Our Flower Arranging Toolbox continues with floral centerpieces. Once again, the amazing Doan Ly, Lead Floral Designer of Sprout Home in Brooklyn (and Chicago) takes us step by step through creating beautiful floral centerpieces, perfect for a dining room table, kitchen window, bedside dresser, or anywhere that needs a little brightening up.


A centerpiece is a display item that usually appears in a table setting. Centerpieces help set the theme of the decorations and bring extra decorations to the room. The most common items used in centerpieces are flowers. 


We will be making a flower arrangement in the form of a centerpiece. For this, you will need:
• Flowers - the choice of flowers and colors is up to you. 
A Vase - the shape and size is up to you.
Clippers - use the clippers to cut the stems to size.
Rubber Band or Floral Tape
Ribbon (optional)
Floral pins (optional)

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The Basics of A Floral Centerpiece:

SELECT a vase of your choice. 

START your centerpiece with a few fluffy greens crossed over each other in the vase. This creates a sort of net into which flowers can be placed and held.

OBSERVE the natural angles and flow of each flower, and TEASE out where they want to reach. Arrangements with asymmetrical shapes evoke more movement and flow than symmetrical compositions.

PICK flowers that have interesting curves, and see where you can place them to best highlight their motion. Some flowers have a sweeping vertical motion, while others like to drape down.

SELECT a few central "star" flowers as focal points. These can be the deluxe blooms that will make the most impact. Focal points don't have to be smack center. Play with the way a statement flower can be placed to one side, shifting the visual balance.

ADD more flowers and experiment with varying height levels.

ROTATE your vase as you add flowers. This is particularly important for arrangements that will be seen from all angles.

Flowers: Snowball Roses, Majolika Roses, Fritillaria, Anemones, Ranunculus, Dusty Miller, Stock, Lisianthus, poppies, hellebores, Daffodils

Greens: Asparagus Ferns, Sword Ferns, Calathea Leaves, Geranium, Lentisque, Dogwood


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