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Make It! The Perfect Bouquet

Make It! The Perfect Bouquet

With the season in full effect and the flowers beginning to bloom, we spent the day with our friend Doan Ly, Lead Floral Designer at Sprout Home, who taught us a few tips on arranging a bouquet and how to work flowers like a professional. Sprout Home, with locations in both Williamsburg and Chicago, was designed to combine both concepts of design and flora, in a way that allows urban gardeners to arrange their homes and their gardens in a modern way. A neighborhood staple, Sprout provides floral and garden design services, flower arrangements for all occasions, and even classes to help you expand your floral and gardening knowledge (ok, we admit we are guilty of visiting Sprout in moments of desperation seeking inspiration and peace in their beautiful backyard plant nursery). 

We were lucky enough to have our own personal lesson with the beautiful Doan, who showed us how to brighten up our apartments with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Feast your eyes on the beauty, and attempt a bouquet yourself! Don't become overwhelmed... take a peek at our flower arranging toolbox before you begin!

Make your own Perfect Bouquet


Snowball Roses, Majolika Roses, Fritillaria, Anemones, Ranunculus, Dusty Miller, Stock, Lisianthus, poppies, hellebores, Daffodils

Asparagus Ferns, Sword Ferns, Calathea Leaves, Geranium, Lentisque, Dogwood

GATHER a few, sturdy stems to form a base.


PLACE one stem over another stem at a 45 degree angle,
overlapping at the base of the bud.


ROTATE the stems in your hand as you add more flowers, always keeping
the placement at an angle so the stems form a spiral.


ADJUST the height of each flower to create a variety of shapes;
from an even round ball, to a more flowing, organic shape of wildflower bouquets.


Totally Confused? Take a look at our Flower Arranging Toolbox >>
For more gardening and flower related products, check out Sprout Home's shop >>

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