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The Family Necklace Project

The Family Necklace Project

- By Tracey Stewart

When it’s time for my kids to go back to school, they often get anxious about the transition.  To help ease this anxiety we make a very special family necklace together. It’s also a great project for kids who may be nervous about going to summer camp or anywhere else that is out of their comfort zone.




  • Yarn
  • Tags
  • Photos - make sure to use ones that you won't be afraid to cut

TAKE a photo of each family member (we always include our three adorable dogs, of course) 

GLUE the pictures onto the tags, making sure to cut them down to size

COVER the pictures with tape to protect them (you could also use mod podge to coat them) 

BRAID soft wool yarn.

HANG the tags from the yarn (you could use shoelaces, ribbon, etc.)

TIE it off as a necklace

This completes our family necklace. My daughter says, “Whenever I miss you, I look at your picture and it makes me feel better,” and that makes me feel a lot better. 

The necklace was such a hit that other families in her class even started to make their own.

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Recent Comments

Judy said…

Love this!!
My daughter is starting preschool and is VERY excited about it…but…I suspect that new drop-off procedure is not going to sit well.
Thanks Moomah!!

JenS said…

I made this yesterday evening for my daughter’s first day of K today - a total hit!  But then, when she didn’t want to wear it, I put it in my back pocket, and yeah, mod-podge does not like that and the pictures stuck all together!  So I have to re-do, but I’m happy to do so since it kept her happy all day!  Laminate or tape for sure, especially if you live somewhere humid like we do!

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