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Tea Collection: Citizens of the World

Tea Collection: Citizens of the World

It sometimes helps relieve my guilt about overspending on my kid’s clothes (clothes that they invariably grow out of in 6 months) when I know a company is giving back in a real way. Sure most companies realize it’s just great P.R. and hey whatever gets us there, but then there are those companies that are genuinely motivated to make a real difference.

Tea Collection's Leigh Rawdon, CEO and Co-Founder, and Emily Meyer, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, take their jobs as "citizens of the world" seriously. In addition to creating adorable apparel for our kids to romp around in, they’re involved in a slew of philanthropic endeavors, most notably the Global Fund for Children and most recently their involvement with FashionABLE.


FashionABLE is an organization committed to providing long-term solutions to fighting poverty in Africa, creating opportunities for vulnerable women. They work with women to help start small business cooperatives and require the manufacturers they partner with to employ fair wages and fair hiring practices for women. This fall, Tea Collection has partnered with fashionABLE to create an exclusive scarf, hand-woven in Ethiopia. Inspired by their travels around the globe, the Tea design team created the pattern and color of the scarves, and then worked with fashionABLE to perfect the design. Not only are these exclusive scarves a perfect layering accessory for fall, but when you buy one, you help create sustainable business in Africa. Each scarf is made of soft Ethiopian cotton handcrafted by small-business cooperatives that give African women meaningful work with fair pay. Each scarf also comes with a note telling the story of one of the courageous women who works with fashionABLE.


Since 2006, the Tea Collection has supported the Global Fund for Children and has raised over $240,000 to support vulnerable children worldwide. The mission of the Global Fund for Children is to advance the dignity of children and youth around the world, providing grants to community-based organizations in 75 countries. Tea Collection supports this incredible charity by hosting regular GFC giveback days 3 times a year (donating $5 for every order placed on their website), implementing a really easy way for customer to make donations online during checkout, and even creating exclusive collections. Each season Tea Collection designs a set of pajamas (one boy and one girl) for the holiday season with 100% of proceeds donated towards the GFC.


This year we have formed a relationship with the Tea Collection. Tea’s current collection is inspired by China, just one of many countries that gains assistance from the Global Fund for Children. The GFC provides migrant children with a safe place to learn and play in China, rather than laboring alongside their parents.

We teamed up with Tea, designing a few fun crafts in conjunction with their China collection. The custom projects were inspired by their panda printed tees and their tiger patterned sweaters; highlighting two prominent animals amongst China's fauna that are unfortunately most well-known for their near extinction.

We hope our collaboration with Tea brings attention to the beauty of these animals as well as the issues facing them, and they inspire more little "citizens of the world" to take their first step in giving back.




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