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A Vase for Every Bloom

A Vase for Every Bloom

In your home you may have more vases than you realize. Mugs, teacups, pitchers, carafes, champagne flutes and mason jars are all everyday kitchen wares that can be used for multi-purposes. If you choose to look further, more vases can exist in recycled goods. Old bottles (think olive oil, pickles and vinegar) can be soaked in warm water, allowing any labels to be easily removed and appear good as new, and old candle jars can be thrown in the freezer to remove excess wax, coming out as a new product with a different use. 

No matter what shape or size your vessel appears, there is sure to be a suitable flower arrangement to go with it. However, each object and it's shape has its own challenges when used as a vase, all rendering different compositions.  

Our friend Doan Ly, lead floral designer for Sprout Home, went through our cupboards and scrounged around for vessels of every type. Get ready to be inspired and see how she creates beautiful arrangement for every room and any occasion.  



With Mother's Day coming up and Summer around the corner, we are sure that your house will soon be filled with lots of visitors. Get creative and test your flower arranging skills, using all sorts of vessels as table arrangements to decorate your home. 


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