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Stop Snoring Bernard

Stop Snoring Bernard

I am in love with the new book, "Stop Snoring, Bernard!" by Zachariah OHora. I used the story to strike up a conversation with my kids about acceptance and tolerance. They loved shouting out in unison, "Stop Snoring, Bernard!" as we read it aloud together. I once shared it with the staff at Moomah Cafe and the story actually caused one of our premenstrual employees to shed a tear at the end! The story is just that sweet.

Publisher's Weekly said it best when they wrote: "Bernard is a sweet, fuzzy fellow who sails around belly-up in his zoo's otter pool, but he snores during naptime—"Snore somewhere else, Bernard," says his fellow otter, Grumpy Giles--and he can't find a place to sleep that doesn't disturb his zoo mates. Gentle text and a low-key story line allow debut talent OHora to put lots of energy into his spreads. Half-naïf, half-funky acrylic paintings look a lot like woodblock prints; forms are simple, figures are cheerfully hatched and outlined with big black lines, and squared-off letters appear in big speech balloons. OHora has plenty of good ideas about how to use space. When Bernard tries sleeping in the zoo fountain, the giraffes who tell Bernard to stop snoring have necks so long that they exit the top of the page and re-enter on the opposite page. And when a huge alligator leaps out of the lake Bernard's sleeping in with a "STOP SNORING, BERNARD!" his open mouth, the mouths and tails of smaller alligators behind him, and Bernard's waving arms and legs set up a lovely visual rhythm. A promising debut."

Zachariah OHora is an award winning illustrator whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Atlantic Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wax Poetics and Oxford American among others. His illustrations have been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Print Magazine, Communication Arts and AIGA.

His first book for children "Stop Snoring, Bernard!" published by Henry Holt will be available in April 2011. This is the first of many books based on annoying habits of his. A former Brooklynite, Zachariah now lives and works in Narberth, PA with his wife Lydia, a graphic designer and sons Oskar and Teddy.

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- By Tracey Stewart

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