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Stewart Family Traditions: Thanksgiving

Stewart Family Traditions: Thanksgiving

Excerpted from Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015. Illustrations by Lisel Ashlock.

I may have exaggerated earlier when I mentioned I wasn’t a very good Thanksgiving guest. In reality, I try very hard not to be insufferable or preachy on this day. Our Thanksgiving table welcomes vegans, vegetarians, and meataholics. In keeping with the holiday’s theme of giving thanks, I make a donation in the name of each of my guests through Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Farm Animal Program. Rather than finding a place card at their seats, my guests each find an envelope that contains a short profile and a beautiful photo of the guest’s animal adoptee, courtesy of Farm Sanctuary. The guests are always excited to see which animal they’ll get, whether it’s Ingrid the goat, Elfie the duck, Nate the pig, Bear the sheep, Daisy the turkey, or Dandypants the rooster.

I only ask that my guests be animal lovers. As animal lovers, we can always do and be more for those creatures who are depending on us. I am most grateful to be surrounded by loving, compassionate, and giving people, and I am constantly reminded of how many people and animals don’t have this good fortune. Let’s do our best to find them and introduce some of this good fortune into their lives as well.


Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Project has encouraged people to save a turkey at Thanksgiving. Through sponsorship donations, Farm Sanctuary is able to rescue animals and provide care for them at their sanctuaries. 45 million turkeys are slaughtered for Thanksgiving every year. As a turkey sponsor, you will receive a special Adopt a Turkey certificate with a color photo and fun details about your new friend.

Click here for more information about adopting a turkey at Farm Sanctuary >>




Pamela lives at Farm Sanctuary's Northern California shelter. She is a curious and sweet turkey who was rescued by a woman who has been saving turkeys for years. Her favorite foods are grapes and blueberries.

Adopt Pamela >>



Jackie lives at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter. She was one of eleven baby turkeys anonymously left at the shelter after being rescued from a factory farm. She is thoughtful and curious and her favorite foods are cooked spinach and cranberries.

Adopt Jackie >>



Pepper lives at Farm Sanctuary's Northern California shelter. He was left at the front gate of Farm Sanctuary's Southern California shelter as a baby. He is outgoing, kind and loves to eat cranberries and blueberries.

Adopt Pepper >>

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Patsy Lewis said…

Wow a nice twist on Thanksgiving, I love what you are doing!

Nan Bloom said…

Thank you from all of us who felt the need to “unjoin” PETA, simply because of the overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

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