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Sonogram Silhouette Project

Sonogram Silhouette Project

- Tracey Stewart

By the time the first precious sonogram image of my son was handed to me, I had already endured two years of trying to get pregnant, a miscarriage, and two failed IVF treatments. I clung to this flimsy sheet of paper with its meager outline of my son’s sweet head and stared at it every chance I got.

It was the first tangible evidence that joy was on its a way. I couldn’t just put it aside in my bedside table. This image was going to be enshrined in gold or at the very least displayed so that I could see it.

So... I took to crafting a piece of art work. I turned his head into a stenciled and cut it out 18th century cameo-style. I placed it atop a sheet of beautiful patterned paper, gave it a frame and got excited every time I caught a glimpse of it. 

What You'll Need for this Project:

TRACE the outline of your baby's head and neck from the sonogram.

RUB graphite from a pencil on the back of the trace and place it on top of black construction paper.

TRACE the outline again, transferring the graphite silhouette onto the construction paper.

CUT your silhouette out so that you have the shape of your baby's head and neck on black paper.

PLACE the silhouette cutout on top of your patterned paper and GLUE it in place.

You might like to write the date of which the sonogram was taken, to remember exactly how old your baby was at the time of his or her first portrait. This will be a forever keepsake.

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