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Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser

Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser

Right now the Edible Schoolyard NYC is trying to raise funds to fulfill their vision of establishing a Showcase School in each of the five boroughs in the city. You and your kids could help them a great deal by spreading the word about healthy eating habits and home-grown gardens, through a simple front yard sale! Sure you could sell cupcakes (who doesn’t love a good cupcake) but why not stay on message by selling some of these seeds and pots. Get creative but most importantly have fun!

You will notice that Moomah the Magazine has a sponsor for the first time ever. Our goal to raise awareness and funding for incredible non-profits means teaming up with companies that we love who are willing to make a donation to our featured organization. When you're willing to do that, we’re happy to share the page with you!

We thank Sprout Home for their generous donation to the Edible Schoolyard NYC and their helpful tips for throwing a super Seed Selling Fundraiser.

Sprout's very own Doan and Natasha have given us a few tips on the best books to buy for research, the perfect seeds to grow, and the most eye catching and garden-friendly products to handcraft and sell for a profit.




Kids are more inspired to get involved in a project when they know a few facts that can make them an “expert” on the topic. 

TALK to your kids about the Edible Schoolyard NYC program and why they encourage learning about the garden and how to cook with fresh produce.  

RESEARCH the issue of childhood obesity and help your kids to discover the benefit of fresh foods vs. processed foods.

VISIT a local community garden and talk to some of the gardeners who grow fruits and vegetables. Let your kids get a taste of the garden first hand and understand what planting seeds can do.

CHOOSE a date for your sale! The best time to start planting from seed is around March when spring is on its way. This is when people are more likely to buy their seeds and take up an interest in gardening. Look out for local classes that teach you which seeds are best for planting in the colder temperatures of early spring and spread the word to your customers. Give them a chance to learn more about the seeds they are buying and how to take care of them.


Read up! There are lots of books in the Sprout Home library to get you motivated and encouraged to start planting from seed and creating an edible front yard.

The Edible Front Yard >>   



SELL seeds in hand crafted seed packets. Offer a variety of seeds so that customers can buy the right one for their home environment. Maybe someone has a big garden to grow tomatoes in, while another may only have room for a small pot of herbs. 

We have designed these beautiful seed packets to use at your fundraiser!!

BUY seeds in bulk to fill your packets. Buying in bulk means paying a smaller amount for a lot more seeds. This way you can make a profit when selling seeds to your customers. 

Rareseeds is an awesome seed bank that is NOT monsanto!! Click here to see the seeds we recommend >>

PRINT your seed packets on to Avery Shipping Labels and stick them onto envelopes. We've designed a few different seed packets for you to print out and use at your sale. Color your own or download in full color! 

Click the templates below to print the seed packet of your choice >>

FILL out the appropriate information on the back of the seed packet. 

GIVE your customers a little bit of information about how to plant their seeds.

Here is a simple guide to help them get started >>

PACKAGE your seeds and decide on an appropriate price to sell them at. Don't forget to make a sign letting customers know how much you are charging for each packet.

Click on individual TEMPLATES BELOW To Download >>





PLANT LABELS : Make some home-made plant labels for customers to stick in their gardens and help to label their plants. 

TAKE some thick popsicle sticks that are long enough to stick into the ground and are thick enough to write on.
DIP your popsicle sticks into chalkboard paint or regular white paint, covering at least half of the stick.
WRITE the labels onto the sticks to match each seed type you are selling. Leave some blank for customers to fill in.

Don't want to make your own? Here's another type of write erase plant label >>

TERRACOTTA POTS : Either before your sale or while your waiting for customer, get creative by painting your pots!

BUY terracotta pots from a local garden, nursery or home store.
PAINT designs on your pots.
SELL your painted pots for people to plant their seeds or flowers in.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of these different pots >>



It's important to make your table look neat, organized and beautiful so that customers can clearly see which items are for sale and how much they cost.

PRINT a sign to hang up by your table or on telegraph poles near your house to spread the word.
KEEP a calculator on hand to work out change and to count the amount you raised.
SPREAD your sale items around the table and decorate them with beautiful flowers to add color.

Visit Sprout Home's shop for inspiration to fill your table >>


{ This POST was sponsored by Sprout Home. Thanks for supporting our Make Nice Mission! }



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