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Make Nice Mission: Recycle Redux Round-up

Make Nice Mission: Recycle Redux Round-up

We hear the words "global warming" and are constantly reminded how bad it is for us and our environment. They tell us to minimize driving, turn our lights off and recycle our trash, but what is global warming and how will all of these actions help to curb it?

The team at H.E.A.R.T. explain global warming using a very simple analogy:

"When you get hot and you are under blankets, you can remove the blankets to cool down. When the earth gets hot she can’t remove the blankets and so she gets too hot. When the sun sends out the same amount of heat, the heat can’t get back out through the atmosphere. It gets trapped! The atmosphere tells the heat to stay in and this makes the Earth even hotter."

The problem with the Earth getting hotter and hotter, is that we have built a life that is very much dependant on our climate and our natural surroundings. Hotter weather means less rainfall, leaving crops without enough water to grow, trees and plants to die off, sea levels to rise and the coast to erode. Because of all these potential problems, it's really important that we conserve as many natural resources in any way possible.


At Moomah we love to incorporate recycled paper and cardboard into our crafts, too. Have a look at a few of our past projects we created using recycled goods:




We've pulled together a Pinterest Board with some of our favorite ideas for paper recycling.

Click Here for additional ideas on recycling paper and cardboard.


Did you know that an average sized family goes through 3 rolls of paper towels per week? That adds up to a lot of paper wasted... and a lot of left of paper towel rolls!



Children ages 4-12 spend nearly $25 billion annually (probably most on toys!). Why not save some money and make toys out of leftover packaging.



Half the fun in dressing up is making the costume. Get resourceful!



Kid-created art work is a favorite of ours. Design and make wall hangings out of cardboard leftovers.


All images were found on Pinterest. Visit our Pinterest Board "Make It! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" for reference to the original photograph and source.

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