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The Pet Project

The Pet Project

We are all for children having pets of their own. However, before any pet promises are made, we think that it's very important to do your research and find the perfect house-mate for you and your family. There’s nothing worse than taking in a new loved one, only to find out a week or so in that it just wasn’t the right fit. What's the best way to work it all out? Get scientific. Devise a plan and formulate a query: what is the best pet for me?

The new book, The Pet Project, written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by one of our favorites, Zachariah Ohora, follows a budding young scientist as she calculates and catalogs the pros and cons of potential pet ownership.

After asking her “science-minded folk” if she may have a pet, her parents explain that she can… on the proviso that she spend some time doing her research and writing down every observation to see which pet would be right for her, and why.

This book is sure to make you and your kids laugh, as the budding scientist comes across all sorts of animals and starts to see which ones would be right, and which ones would be oh so wrong. Her investigations take her from the farm to the zoo, and on to visit some wild animals. But she makes sure to cover all of her bases, as she writes down her rhyming notes and makes some serious observations:

If you’re the type that oohs and aahs 
At furry faces, precious paws,
The words ahead may be alarming:
Animals aren’t always charming.

From bunnies to tigers and onto the zoo, she realizes that while some animals are definite potential pets, others are not.

Chances of getting a hippo: 

Lisa Wheeler’s poems are smart, funny and sweet. Combined with the quirky wit of Zachariah’s illustrations, this book could not be more special. Like all of his work, your kids will want to stare at the detailed images all day long and read this book again and again.

Zachariah explains of his illustrations, “I try to be funny and not be preachy or dumb it down. Kids see through that stuff. I also try to keep the adults entertained as they are the people that have to read them over and over!”

Create your own Dream pet >>

The amazing Zachariah designed a Pet Project craft just for Moomah followers! Try it out yourself, and email us to show us what your dream pet looks like.


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Shutta Crum said…

I always love Lisa’s books. She’s funny, smart, and respectful of kids. This illustrator looks like a match made in heaven. Thanks for reviewing!!

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