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Support Handmade : Our Favorite Etsy Stores

Support Handmade : Our Favorite Etsy Stores

We love anything and everything that is homemade and original. What's better than supporting local and handmade? Etsy is a goldmine for is. It's to get lost amongst all of the beauty and with so much to choose from it's hard to find the really good stuff. We thought we would give you a place to start. Etsy has it all, whether you're getting holiday shopping done early this year, searching for the best products for your babies, desperate for a vintage piece of jewelry, or hoping to find that clever craft to keep your kids occupied.


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1. ALL ORGANIC TEXTILES. An eco-friendly store, boasting stunning silk and cotton multi-purpose towels and scarves made from all natural and organic materials.
2. BARK DECOR. This eco-conscious designer creates beauties for the living room, bedroom and kitchen, so natural that the products depend on the sun during the creative process.
3. GYPSYA. Featuring the most exquisite handmade pillows, bed linen, rugs, jewelry and more, this store has original designs and colors that will accentuate any room in the house.
4. PEG AND AWL. An adorable store that sells little treasures for the home, the garden and the body, with all items built from abandoned, recycled and reclaimed materials.
5. PI'LO. From hand printed tissue box covers, glasses cases and hankies, to ruler ribbon, cotton bags and sewing kits – you will want to have your whole house covered in Pi'lo.
6. STUDIO MEEZ. Beautiful prints for any parent looking to spruce up their child’s bedroom, or even their own kitchen, all of which are both simple and elegant.


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1. BABY JIVES CO. Handmade modern mobiles for your baby whether you are into butterflies, birds or our personal favorite, the cloud, you will be proud to hang this one up.
2. COLETTE BREAM. Healthy, green and organic bedding to brighten up your child’s room in patterns that both you and them will agree on.
3. LITTLE HIP SQUEAKS. The perfect bibs, burp cloths and other baby items, all of which are made with organic fabrics and can be custom designed for your little one.


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1. CHICKY DODDLE. Our go-to for the best washi tape and more, there are endless uses for some good looking tape. We love using it for our crafts!
2. COTTON LACE SHOP. An abundance of different lace types, all elegant and beautiful for making clothes, wrapping gifts or using for craft projects.
3. KNOT AND BOW. The place to go for all of your gift wrapping needs. Stickers, glittery twine, parcel tags and metallic doilies are all you will ever need.
4. KRISTINA MARIE. If you are getting ready for Christmas early, or you just love a good garland for decoration, visit Kristina Marie for beautiful colors and styles.
5. LINEA CARTA. The calligraphy sets, gift cards, DIY stamps and love letter kits are going to turn you into the most polite and creative thank-you-note-writing guest around.
6. MINIATURE RHINO. We are into embroidery and Miniature Rhino have some of the best do-it-yourself embroidery kits out there. Their zodiac kits are our favorite!


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1. CATFRIENDO. One of-a-kind, individual paper cut-outs in all shapes and sizes. This is the perfect gift for the traditional one year wedding anniversary.
2. LEAH DUNCAN. Colorful and original prints that are available as wall hangings as well as in calendar format, tea towel, scarf and pillow print.
3. MOUNT ROYAL MINT. Hand made sculptures for all occasions, using felt and clay. The most original being their sweet little wedding cake toppers.


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1. ERSTWHILE JEWELRY. A wide selection of hand picked vintage jewelry, with every piece as original, special and beautiful as the next.
2. IKA BAGS. Hand made, Artisian accessories for women, men and kids of all ages. We NEED their waterproof diaper bag as our every day bag, no diapers.
3. LA BOUTIQUE DE MARINE. With pieces designed and made from white earthenware and handmade pearls, each piece of jewelry is elegant and original.

WE LOVE (Vintage)


1. ETHANOLLIE. Though you may not find a need for many of the items, you will want to purchase them anyway because they are so damn good looking.
2. LITTLE BYRD VINTAGE. The perfect antique shopping experience. Their gorgeous items are everything you never thought you needed, until now.
3. OH, ALBATROSS. If you’ve been looking for metal hanging scales and antique mail slots, they have them and they are better looking than you ever imagined.


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