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Do Unto Animals: Cardboard Mouse Cat Toy

Do Unto Animals: Cardboard Mouse Cat Toy

In Do Unto Animals, Tracey encourages us to craft simple enrichment toys that can be dropped off at the local shelter to keep the animals mentally and physically active while they await their forever homes. The cardboard play pals on Page 54 of the book cost very little, are easy enough to be made in multiples, and are guaranteed to make a world of a difference to our shelter animals friends. You can host a shelter-crafting day and create a bunch of these easy-to-make play pals to donate to your local shelter.

Our craft contributor, Jodi Levine, added one more cardboard play pal to the collection: The Cardboard Mouse

*Remember: It’s important to never leave a cat alone or unattended with toys that contain string, yarn, ribbon, or other similar items that can easily be swallowed, as they can lead to dangerous situations, including becoming tangled in a cat’s intestines. 

** More templates for Do Unto Animals crafts can be found here **


Cardboard mouse cat toy template
Sisal rope
• Recycled cardboard toilet paper rolls
• Recycled cardboard

1. DOWNLOAD and PRINT the cardboard mouse template.

2. TRACE the shape of the ears (figure-eight shape) and face (triangle shape) onto corrugated cardboard and CUT them into individual pieces.

3. SLIT a small line about 1-inch of the way into the toilet paper roll. SLIDE the figure-eight ear shape into the slit. Use glue to hold the shape in place.

4. SLIDE the triangle face shape inside the opening of the toilet paper roll. Trim the piece to size if it's too big to fit. Use glue to hold the shape in place.

5. WRAP sisal rope around the body of the mouse, starting just under the ears and ending 1-inch before the end of the body. Spread glue along the body as your wrap the rope to help hold it in place.

6. ADD a tail by cutting a 2-inch piece of rope and glueing it inside the back of the cardboard roll.


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