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2012 Gift Guide

2012 Gift Guide

For Your Oldies but Goodies

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1. Who doesn’t want Grandma and Grandpa to be warm and cozy? Give them a hug in the form of this supersoft blanket. Buy Here!
2. Get them organized because it looks good, not because they can't remember where they keep everything anymore. Buy Here!
3. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life that says "bless you" and means it, take advantage! Let them wipe their nose somewhat elegantly and maybe ask them to share one of their tear-jerkers too! Buy Here!

For the Green-Thumb Challenged

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1. Though the wine itself doesn't replenish (boohoo), at least their bottles can be recycled into a gift that keeps on giving for a spice-filled life. Buy Here!
2. They need something to take care of but will kill anything living, so let them think they are good at keeping this one alive. Buy Here!
3. For your impatient friend who cannot wait for the seed to spurt, give them a tree that has already begun to grow! Buy Here!

For your Craft-Masters Big & Small

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1. Let them rest their head after working hard to sew this adorable pillow! A fun excuse to stay indoors on the cold winter days! Buy Here!
2. Your little star gazer will finally be able to recognize their path in life according to the zodiac with this fun kit. Buy Here!
3. It is a sad sight when the trees lose their leaves. Give this gift as a reminder that those trees will blossom once more! Buy Here!

For Your Best Girlfriends

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1. On the surface this may seem like a somewhat boring gift. It is not. It consistently excites my girlfriends when I let them try it out. It turns green and then through some kind of magic that I don't understand it changes to match your skin tone and even your own color out. MAGIC! Buy Here!
2. This sweater. Because quite simply, who can't find something flattering at Vince. Buy Here!
3. She finds 50 Shades of Grey boring. Been there, done that and did it all with her integrity still in place. Buy Here!

When the In-Laws ask for ideas for the Kids

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1. Let him walk around proudly with his own wolf pack as protection on the cold wintery days with this tee from Tea Collection. Buy Here!
2. Instead of your little girl playing dress-ups with her own clothes (that then end up spread around the room for you to clean up later, piece by piece), let them dress these sweet friends! Buy Here!
3. This is one of the best gift certificates I’ve ever received! Create your own chocolate bar from any ingredient you can think of and in a short period of time, your delicious creations arrive in the mail. Buy Here!

For Your Little Makers

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1. These will keep your tables clean and your little ones entertained. Let them become masters of disguise! Buy Here!
2. For your budding fashionista/designer. Give them the gift they sew want! Buy Here!
3. For those times where everyone is busy on their laptops and your little one is begging to use yours to be just like you, give them a (chalk) laptop of their own! Buy Here!

Ideas for Him to get you

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1. These might not look like much, but this winter you will thank us. Your loved ones will still be able to upload that photo on their iPhone even if it it is freezing outside! Buy Here!
2. A baseball tee, thigh highs and a thong. You’ve got to wear his gift but if you’re nervous about exposing too much thigh, we’ve got the solution. Sex Socks! They extend high up the leg, sucking in any extra holiday poundage. American Apparel calls them thigh-high socks... but that’s not as much fun. Buy Here!
3. You’re husband will appreciate that you didn’t ask for a fancy bag with a fancy label. He’ll also appreciate that he’s got a gal that likes bags he’s not embarrassed to carry. Buy Here!

For Your Dudes (Hubby, Boyfriend, Dad, Brother, Pal... you get it)

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1. This is a great gift! Gadget-lover or not, who would not be impressed by the fact that it can be charged from the sun alone! Amazing. Buy Here!
2. Because he is tough and likes to work an axe to show his manliness... but he's also accident prone! Buy Here!
3. What husband doesn’t want you to think he’s handy? Even if he’s not, he can’t do too much damage with this tool. Buy Here!

For the Friends who Have Everything

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1. They're in that "I need to discover myself" phase and you are happy to encourage their travel-bug each weekend. Buy Here!
2. They have everything they could need, but you can still give them the gift of travel! Let them explore the world all year round. Buy Here!
3. You can never have enough stationary - especially when it's personalized and as gorgeous as this! Buy Here!

For your Foodies

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1. The gift to give to the foodie that enjoys cooking and holding diner parties that you are invited to (Incentive: you will benefit from this gift!) Buy Here!
2. Handcrafted and special, just like all of those recipes passed down through the family in need of a safe home. Buy this for the family recipe keeper. Buy Here!
3. Penguin Books does it again, but this time with food! For the person who may or may not cook much but still wants to be seen as a Master Chef, The Great Food Box is as beaufiful as it is thorough. Buy Here!

For Your Accessorizers

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1. A desperately needed accessory for those times when they are out hunting, snowboarding, ice fishing... or just cause their hands get cold! Buy Here!
2. The gift to give to the 'outdoorsy' person in your life; the one whom you envy for constantly having the energy for adventuring. Pocket-sized and perfect for all needs. Buy Here!
3. For the wine drinker that only drinks the fanciest and pops the bottles with the fanciest tools, too. Buy Here!

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