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Woodstock FARM Animal Sanctuary: Meet The Animals

Woodstock FARM Animal Sanctuary: Meet The Animals

Located in New York, the animals that live at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, are rescues that were taken in after mistreatment at other farms, stock houses or slaughterhouses. They are given shelter, food and veterinary care in a natural and safe environment. The animals all have their own unique personalities and stories to learn from.

Our Barnyard Placemat is a fun way to teach children about the farm and get some discussion about farm animals flowing. The cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses and sheep all have their own place to live and interesting features that define them. But before you get going on the placemat, take some time to learn about each animal and why they're so special.


Though they don't come across as the most affectionate animals, cows actually form deep friendships with one another. When out in the fields, cows live in herds. Some people say that cows spend less than three hours a day sleeping and the rest of their day eating. They are grazers and need or want to be grazing on grass, hay or grains all the time. They have four stomachs that help them break down their food, so they can definitely eat a lot!

When you are placing your cows on the placemat, make sure to keep them all together in their herd. Draw a big grass patch for them to live on so that they can graze all day! 

One special cow that lives at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is Kayli! Read her story (or watch the cute Kayli the Cow video) here >>



Did you know that pigs are one of the smartest animals that live on this Earth? They use their snout to find food in the ground and sense the world around them. They're also very loving animals. In nature, they build their communal nests and sleep snuggled up next to eachother. Pigs like to live in mud patches as the mud helps to keep them cool and evaporates slower than normal water.

When you are placing your pigs on the placemat, make sure to put them in a big pool of mud so they don't over heat. 

One special pig that lives at the Woodstock Farm Animal Santuary is Stanley! Read his story here >>




The chicken dance is a real thing! Roosters dance in a circle near a hen when they want to make them their partner. The hens are the females and the ones who lay the eggs, but the egg must be fertalized by a rooster for it to hatch into a chick. If the egg is not fertalized, it becomes an egg with a yolk that we can eat. Hens will only lay eggs in warm temperatures so they will sit on top of their eggs until they are ready to hatch. Hens lay one egg every 26 hours - that's about 265 eggs a year!

When you are placing your chickens on the placemat, make sure you put them inside the barn or somewhere else that looks warm so that they can lay their eggs. 

One special chicken that lives at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is Ophelia! Read her story here >>



Kittens are so sweet! No, we aren't talking about baby cats but young rabbits are called kittens, too! They even purr softly like a cat when they grind their teeth together. Rabbits live in groups and like to make a home for themselves under the ground in a burrow, or a rabbit hole. 

When you are placing your rabbits on the placemat, try to draw a rabbit hole under the ground for them to live in. Be sure to keep the rabbits all together and have the kittens stay close to their moms.

One special rabbit that lives at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is the Appoline! Read her story here >>




Sheep are amazing animals. They can see in front of themselves, to their sides and even behind themselves without needing to turn their heads! These fluffy creatures like to stick together in herds, with a leader that moves the entire group to a new pasture to live and eat. 

When you are placing your sheep on the placemat, make sure you put them all together in a herd and remember that they don't like to be alone.

One special sheep that lives at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is Louise! Read her story here >>





Ducks are most comfortable when they are in large groups called paddlings. They spend their days looking for food in the grass or shallow water and sleep together with their paddlings at night. Their feet are webbed just like paddles which make them waddle instead of walk. Did you know that a duck's feet can't feel cold even if it swims in icy cold water? That's because their feet have no nerves or blood vessels to feel the cold.

When you are placing your ducks on the placemat, keep them all together in their paddlings. It is important for the ducks to be near a pond with water, so try to draw one for them to live in.

One special duck that lives at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is Teddy! Read his story here >>




The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization. It is run entirely by donations from the public. Donations go directly to feed and care for the animals, as well as fund the advocacy efforts on behalf of farmed animals everywhere.


Sponsoring animals helps to cover the cost of caring for rescued farm animals month to month. Your donations would be put into a big amount that would help to provide all things needed for the animals. Sponsoring an animal helps them to receive the food, clean shelter and veterinary care they need. Click here to learn more about sponsoring >>


An adoption is where you take an animal under your care for life. Unfortunately, the sanctuary can't hold all of the animals that need the help they deserve. To do their part, they keep in contact with organizations, supporters and other places that may be able to take in some of the animals that they don't have room for. If you would like to do your part and think you have what it takes to care for an animal, look into adopting one. Click here to learn more about adopting >>


The shelter needs people to feed the animals, clean the habbitats and do so much more to make it comfortable for all of the creatures that live on the farm. You can do your part by spending some time volunteering and taking on some of these chores that need to be done day to day. Click here to learn more about volunteering >>

PHOTO CREDIT: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Website



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