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Start the School Year by Giving

Start the School Year by Giving

Going back to school is often something kids, and even parents, take for granted. School is an expected part of life: a place that we must attend in order to learn and gain the skills needed to move forward in the world. However, while this may be the case in many of our communities, it is not necessarily true nation-wide and certainly not worldwide.

Earlier this year we attended the Women in the World conference where we heard the extremely moving tales of a few young women in Pakistan working to educate the young girls in their community. This is a big risk for them, considering their culture and the general beliefs about educating women in Pakistan. They began taking action by holding classes in their own homes and have since partnered up with the Dream Foundation Trust to create the Dream Model Street School.

We were also privileged enough to listen as Oprah interview Dr. Tererai Trent who, in partnership with the Oprah Winfery Foundation and Save the Children, is building a new school in Zimbabwe. Dr. Trent hopes to break the cycle in her own community and believes in allowing girls to become educated and valued members of her society.

However, there are many places in the world that simply cannot afford education at all – for males or females. Pencils of Promise is one non-profit that is doing their part to increase educational opportunities in the developing world. Their organization has helped to build schools in countries such as Guatemala, Laos, Nicaragua and Ghana. Pencils of Promise not only help to identify areas in need and build the schools, but also work to develop educational programs and provide professional development training to local staff, increasing job opportunities for the community as a whole.

Highlighting some organizations that work to allow educational opportunities for all is important at this time when we are preparing for another school year. Though the majority of us are lucky enough to afford not only an education, but also the supplies needed for the year ahead, there are many young students in our own country that need assistance.

While going through your homes and gathering all your back to school supplies, we encourage you to see what you may be able to donate to those in need. Some children may need simple items such as pens and books, where as others are in need of new school clothes, backpacks and even lunches.



TALK to your kids about what they think they can and would like to donate.

GATHER the items that are needed and will be useful for school students.

RESEARCH & FIND local community drop-off points that are collecting back to school supplies. A lot of churches often act as holding points to gather supplies, and some schools hold fund-raising efforts for collections and donations.

TAKE your kids to drop-off the items themselves – they should know where their items are going and feel good about giving.



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