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Make it! Teepee Kit

Make it! Teepee Kit

If your kids love the great outdoors and just can't get enough of camping, this project is sure to make them happy. 

One of the more popular projects amongst the Moomah crowd, the Teepee Kit lets kids get creative with their imagination. The perfect do-it-together project, parents and kids can work together to build a teepee, while reminiscing over their camping experiences and bonding over the (electronic) camp fire.

what you will need:

• 5 sticks, bound with a string - you could use tree branches, chopsticks, craft sticks, etc. 
Teepee Template: Click here to download your template
Wooden Platform - we love this one!
Model Magic
Plastic Battery-Operated Candle
Paint & Brush
Moss, Feathers
OPTIONAL: Animal Figurine - we love this guy!



ROLL some model magic into a coil, about 8" long. This will serve to ground the base of your teepee.

PLACE your model magic coil onto your wooden platform, forming a "C shape." The opening in your coil will be the door to your teepee.

GLUE your coil down so that is stays in position.

TIE your 5 sticks together with string, making sure that the sticks are bound together at one end, but able to spread apart from the other end.

GENTLY pull each stick outward toward the model magic, sticking each stick into the coil so they are spread out around the "C shape," all firmly in place.



COLOR the design of your teepee template in whichever colors your choose.

LAY your teepee template out flat.

PAINT over the paper - glitter paint can be fun to use here.

TAKE your teepee paper to the sink.

RUN THE PAPER under slowly running water, making sure not to wash all of the paint off, but removing enough so that the crayon is visible again.

WRAP the teepee paper around the sticks to form your teepee. Don't worry about it being wet for a while. Once it dries, it will hold the shape you desire.

TAPE the teepee paper to the sticks once it is dry to make sure it holds.





GLUE the moss around the platform.

FIND  a good spot to glue your animal figurine down.

STICK your feathers into the top of your teepee.

PLACE your electric candle in the middle of your teepee.

TURN IT ON and watch it glow! 

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Linda said…

What an awesome craft to make! Son loves his lifesize teepee, as do his friends. This is something we will definitely be doing in the summer. In the teepee.

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