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Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox

Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox

The Snowy owl can be spotted in the winter time throughout the northern United States and Canada. Unlike most other owls it is active during the day and constantly moves depending on where it will most likely find prey to survive. Unfortunately, Snowy owls face a few threats. Climate change affects both their habitat and their prey. We can help to support the Snowy owl by adopting through the World Wildlife Fund. Adopting and supporting an animal through WWF is a fantastic gift for animal-loving friends.

We're celebrating the beautiful Snowy owl with a shadowbox dedicated to its beauty. 


Shadow Box
Snowy Owl Background Template
Snowy Owl Figurine
Twigs and Pine Cones (or collected from outside!)
White Roving Wool
Foam Brick



PRINT your Snowy Owl background template.

CUT the background piece and foreground piece separately to size.

PASTE the background piece onto the back wall of your shadowbox.

CUT your foam brick to size so that it fits nicely at the bottom of your shadowbox and is the same height as your foreground image.

TAKE the foreground piece of your template and PASTE it along the long side of your foam brick so that the image faces the glass and hides the brick.

REMOVE the back of your shadowbox and SLIDE the brick towards the glass.

Remember to pay attention to the way your shadowbox opens as this will decide how you fill your box. If the shadowbox opens from the back, be sure to fill your items facing the glass front as this is the side you will see in the end.

ADD some twigs to the top of the foam brick, sticking them in so that they cover the area and stand straight up.

LAY pieces of white wool over the foam brick to cover the bottom of the twigs and create a fog.

ADD your pine cones and snowy owl. Secure them in place within your shadow box.

BE SURE to stick all items in place - you don't want them moving around once you've finished.


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