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MAKE IT! Honeybee Shadowbox

MAKE IT! Honeybee Shadowbox

Worker bees must visit 1,000 flowers in order to collect enough nectar to fill their work sack (which is only the size of a pinhead!) If a flower filled with nectar is near and ready for collection, a bee will do the "Waggle Dance" to let others know where it is. They'll move in a figure eight position, shaking their bodies and flapping their wings to make a buzzing noise. If the flowers are near by, the dance will be short. If the flowers are further away, the dance will be long. The bee points its body in the direction of the flowers and dances outside the hive to show its friends where to head. Fellow bees place their antenna on the dancing bees body to pick up the smell of the flower and go off in search of the one they are looking for.

Once the bees have a basket full of nectar, they return to the hive and their fellow bees help to put it into the correct cell. The beehive is made up of hexagonal shaped cells which the bees build up with nectar until they have enough to move on with the process. Once filled, they use their wings to fly around inside the hive and force evaporation, allowing honey to form.

We're celebrating the wonderful world of bees and the amazing work they do inside their hive with our Honeybee Shadowbox.







PRINT the Honeycomb Stencil Template and CUT the hexagon shape. 

LAY the shape over a yellow piece of foam. 

TRACE and CUT individual shapes.

PRESS the hole punch around the shape to create holes along the outside of the hexagon and allow the honeycomb to form.


GLUE the hexagonal shapes onto black cardstock in a tessellating pattern.

CUT around the outside of the shape until all extra cardstock is removed. 

LEAVE a small amount of cardstock at the bottom of the honeycomb shape. This will help the honeycomb to stand in the foam brick.


REMOVE the back of your shadowbox and start to FILL it with your trees. Place a small amount of trees at the bottom of your shadowbox towards the glass, as this will hide the foam brick when it goes in.

Remember to pay attention to the way your shadowbox opens as this will decide how you fill your box. If the shadowbox opens from the back, be sure to fill your items facing the glass front as this is the side you will see in the end.

CUT your foam brick to size so that it fits nicely at the bottom of your shadowbox and SLIDE it in towards the glass.

ADD trees to the top of the foam brick, sticking them into the top so that they stand up high and create layers.


PUSH your honeycomb piece and your bees into the foam brick, remembering to keep them facing the glass at the front.

You might try to place everything on the foam brick before sliding the brick into the shadowbox. This may be an easier way to ensure everything looks the way you want it to before being secured in the shadowbox.


PLACE a few extra bees behind your honeycomb to add an extra layer to the scene.

PRINT your Honeybee Shadowbox Background onto cardstock. 

CUT the template to size so that it fits nicely on the back wall of your shadowbox and GLUE the template in place.

You can choose to print the background on colored cardstock and leave it black and white or color it in yourself.

CLOSE your shadowbox by replacing the back wall and keeping everything inside in place.

ENJOY your masterpiece!


Click on the images below to download and print your templates >>


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