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Do Unto Animals: Catnip Sea Creatures

Do Unto Animals: Catnip Sea Creatures

Want to make the Catnip Sea Creatures from Do Unto Animals? The supply list and directions can be found on Page 55 of the book, and this Catnip Sea Creature Template will make this easy craft even easier! Use our template to form your sea creatures, sew them together and then let your kitties hunt. You’ll be stimulating their senses as well as promoting their physical and mental health.

Don't forget to read all about the effects of catnip on our kitty friends in Do Unto Animals. What does your cat think of it?

*Remember it’s important not to leave your cat unattended with toys that contain string, yarn, ribbon or other similar features that can be swallowed, as this can lead to dangerous situations, including becoming tangled in a cat’s intestines.

** More templates for Do Unto Animals crafts can be found here **


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