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MAKE IT! Beaded Bracelets

MAKE IT! Beaded Bracelets

Inspired by the Wakami women and their amazing wrap bracelets, we are making beaded bracelets of our own.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to see how we made our beaded bracelets (it was tricky getting started!!) and keep an eye out for some tips along the way.


Beads - choose beads of the same size- wooden or glass beads
Cord - we used a thick cotton cord but a leather cord works well 
Sewing Thread 
Board and Clips
Big Bead or Button (for the clasp)



CHOOSE the size of your wrap bracelet and MEASURE the cord.

Tip: Wrap the cord around your wrist as many times as you would like the bracelet to wrap. Double that length to get the correct cord size for your bracelet.

FIND the halfway point of your cord and TIE a knot to make your loop closure. Be sure to test that the button or bead you will be using for your clasp fits nicely through the loop.

THREAD your needle.

Tip: We like to use a piece of thread that measures as wide as our arm span. Any longer than that becomes unmanageable.


ATTACH your cord to the clipboard to hold it steady while you bead.

TIE the end of your thread to the left side cord.

WRAP your thread aroud both sides of the cord using a figure 8 motion a few times over.

TAKE your thread into the middle of the two cords and THREAD your first bead.


PASS your bead up to the top of the thread and ROTATE it horizontally.

THREAD your needle OVER the right cord and back UNDER again.


PASS the needle THROUGH the bead.

LOOP the needle UNDER the left cord and back THROUGH the bead to bring the thread over to the right hand side.

TIE a slipknot to secure your bead in place before adding the next bead.

Passing the thread through the bead twice and tying a slipknot secures the bead in place between the two cords.



THREAD a bead. 

PASS your needle UNDER the left cord and back OVER the top. 

THREAD the needle through the bead and pass it UNDER the right cord. 

THREAD your needle BACK through the bead and bring it over to the left hand side.

TIE a slipknot.


CONTINUE adding beads and securing them between the cords. 

DON'T FORGET to add the slipknot to keep the beads secure!



TRIM the needle off the thread.

ADD a new piece of thread onto your needle and TIE the two ends together.

TRIM the excess thread and continue beading.

Tip: We used two different colored threads to show the difference but we recommend choosing one color to use for the entire project. We wish we had used white to match our white cord!



WEAVE a figure eight around the two cords to pull them together.

TIE the thread off in a tight knot and TRIM the excess thread.


MAKE a knot with the cord.

SHIFT the knot up to cover any thread underneath and hold the beads together.


ADD your closure (button or bead). THREAD the bead onto the cord and TIE a knot underneath to hold it in place.

TRIM the ends to complete your bracelet.


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