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MAKE IT! Barnyard Placemat

MAKE IT! Barnyard Placemat

Often our only experience of green pastures, red barns and majestic animals is on the packaging of grocery store products. Might I recommend a little trip to a farm sanctuary instead? I challenge anyone not to have their spirits lifted during one of these visits. And if you've never been licked by a cow, it’s imperative that you get there quickly. 

On top of how much you’ll benefit from the experience of visiting a farm sanctuary, you’ll also leave with a better understanding of what makes each individual animal happy. What are their names? What do they like to eat? Where do they like to hang out? Who do they hang out with?

We came up with a fun placemat that's sure to get kids answering these questions about themselves, and their animal friends. They may also be inspired to get to know some real farm animals that they can pay a visit to one day.


PRINT your barnyard background and the farm animal template. We like to use paper that is 11" x 17" (tabloid) in size for the background.

CONSIDER the different types of land features the animals need for their home: cows like to live on grass patches to graze, ducks like to live in or near a pond.  Read here for specific tips. 

DRAW the land features onto your background. Find the right spot and use colored pencils to add them to your page: blue for the pond, green for the grass, black or brown for the mud patch.

CUT the images of each animal.

ORGANIZE your animals in and around your barn and on top of the different land features. 

PASTE the pictures onto your background.

LAMINATE the page. If you have a laminating machine do it yourself, or take it to your local Fedex Office and have them laminate it for you.



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