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Make Nice Mission: Barnyard Memory Game

Make Nice Mission: Barnyard Memory Game

Farm Sanctuary is one of our favorite organizations in the country. The not-for-profit farm is home to hundreds of rescued animals who are protected and cared for by good farmers and good people. The sanctuary provides the rescued animals with everything they need to live happy and comfortable lives; from fields of grass for the grazing cows, to clean ponds for the duck and geese, mud puddles, a shining sun, blue sky and of course, other barnyard friends!

This year, Farm Sanctuary is launching their "Adopt A Farm Animal For Your Classroom" campaign. Children in schools all around the nation will be able to support an animal living at one of the Farm Sanctuary locations across the country and feel proud about helping to give them a better life. Teachers will explain how Farm Sanctuary works and discuss all of the benefits that animal receive compared to those living in factory farms.

As a donation to the program, we've created a Barnyard Memory Game for Farm Sanctuary to give to each class as a way of bringing the sanctuary (including the adopted friends!) into the classrooms. The memory cards feature the animals of the farm along with all the natural elements they need to enjoy their life.

One teacher and long time supporter of Farm Sanctuary is Joy Farina Foskett, from Corlears School in Manhattan. This year will be the third year in a row that she and her class adopts an animal from Farm Sanctuary as part of their class community service project. The students "work collaboratively and demonstrate kindness" as they vote for the animal they will adopt, brainstorm a list of ways to care for it, and write a group letter to the farmer at the sanctuary to complete the process.  

Last year, Joy's class voted to adopt a chicken. "The Farm Sanctuary mailed us our certificate with details on our chicken. Her name was Marjorie and she was from New York," explains Joy. "The children were asked how we might care for this animal, they answered, 'we could give the animals medicine,' 'we could make them a jacket,' 'we could get money to give it to the farmer,' 'we could make them a place to live,' and 'we can help it feel better; we take them if they are sick and not feeling well, and when they are better they can get placed back.' This community-building project was extremely meaningful to the children. Exploring animal habitats and families, charting data, and writing/documenting letters and ideas relating to Marjorie, allowed the curriculum to ‘live’ in our classroom."

We are giving Joy and her students our Barnyard Memory Game as a way to bring the sanctuary into their classroom. We encourage you to do the same at home: bring the sanctuary into your family's lives and get involved in the Farm Sanctuary's adopt a farm animal program. Teach your kids about the needs of the animals on the farm, what it means to treat them kindly, and all of the different ways you can help to make their life great by adopting and sponsoring an animal of the farm. 



Barnyard Animal Template x 2
Barnyard Elements Template x 2
Barnyard Memory Background Template x 2

PRINT two copies of both the Barnyard Animal Template and the Barnyard Elements Template onto cardstock. You must print two copies in order to make a matching pair for the game.

PRINT the Barnyard Memory Background Template. To print the templates double sided, print the front file and then flip it 180 degrees and turn over before reinserting it into the printer feed and printing the background template. The templates should print perfectly front to back.

CUT the individual tiles, following the dotted line to keep them all one size. Keeping them all one size helps to keep the game fair and ensures that no card is more recognizable than another. If you did not print double sided, glue the background to the front print before cutting individual tiles.

SHUFFLE the cards and LAY them face down on a flat surface to form a large rectangle. Don't let the cards touch!

CHOOSE a player to go first and let them select two cards to turn over. If the two cards are a matching pair (for example, two cows), they take the cards and start their stack. If the two cards do not match (for example, a cow and a sun) they are turned back over and the next player chooses.

CONTINUE playing until all cards have been matched and are in an individual player's stack. The player with the most matching pairs is the winner.



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