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Maggie’s Mission: Animal Haven

Maggie’s Mission: Animal Haven

Our contributor Maggie Rose has been doing some volunteer work at the Animal Haven Shelter in SoHo, New York through their "Caring Kids Program". While it's been great fun getting to know the many dogs at Animal Haven, there is one problem, Maggie has fallen deeply in love with almost every dog there. Though she begs and begs, her very mean parents refuse to let her get a third dog. So while she will keep trying, (and slowly make her mother feel more attached to the dogs as well) she has taken on a new strategy.

If she can't hold all of the dogs in her own home, she will attempt to find them other good and friendly homes with kind animal lovers like herself. She reached out to us in a request to feature some of her favorite dogs. We had one look at these cuties and couldn't resist!

Here is Maggie's first pick: Michaela, a St. Bernard/Sheperd Mix.

Hi! I'm Michaela and I came to Animal Haven when I was found as a stray. Thankfully I was found by some kind people who knew of Animal Haven and brought me down right away because I was unspayed and had a very serious uterine infection known as pyometra. This is often fatal if left untreated for too long. Luckily, I got the care I needed and am making a full recovery in a wonderful foster home.

Here is what my foster mom has to say about me:

"Michaela is such a sweet and affectionate girl. She loves being around people, especially being petted! She'll show you how much she loves it by giving you lots and lots of kisses in appreciation. Michaela is also well trained! She's house and crate trained, and will rest in her crate when she's left alone. She listens well to basic commands like sit, come, no, etc. She is really great on walks - she doesn't pull on the leash and always takes care of her business right away. One of the most adorable things Michaela will do is walk up to the side of the couch, rest her head on your lap, and look up at you with her big brown eyes. Then she'll give you nudge every once in while, almost like she's saying "hey I'm still here, and by the way, I'm really cute!!" She really deserves a forever home that will love her as much as she will love you! "

Maggie knows that it may take some time for these dogs to get adopted and taken to good new homes and so, on top of requesting that we feature dogs on the magazine, she decided that this year, she does not want any gifts for herself at holiday time. Instead, she wants nothing more then for her friends and family to purchase holiday gifts for the Animal Haven dogs. Animal Haven have created a wishlist on with many items that their dogs could use. We encourage you to help Maggie on her mission to give these dogs everything they need this holiday season. Click here to be taken to the Animal Haven wishlist and if you chose to purchase, please let us, and Maggie, know how you have helped!

If you are interested in adopting a sweet pet, joining the "Caring Kids Program" or seeing how you can help in any way, visit the Animal Haven Website to learn more.

Stay tuned to see more of Maggie's favorites and learn more about the dogs that have stolen her heart soon at Moomah the Magazine.

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Recent Comments

Paula Hillebrecht said…

My Daughter, also a Maggie, now wants us to hop a plane from California to New York so we can go to the Animal Haven Shelter and bring Michaela home with us. Oh, if only it were that easy… We will for sure be checking out their wishlist at Amazon though.  Thanks for the great idea and tell your Maggie she has a kindred spirit on the opposite coast!

Kerry Monnelly said…

Amazing Story… what a big heart Maggie has! xo

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