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Make It: Butterfly Print

Make It: Butterfly Print


Little Artist: Maggie Rose
Age: 6 yrs.
About the Artist: Maggie loves art, music and her dog Barkly. She is constantly coming up with new art projects that we find enchantingly creative and fun.

Little Artist Maggie Rose came up with the brilliant idea of making her own prints using 4 simple materials: brightly colored cardstock, a plastic bag, paint and a small paint palette. Hers came out looking like a butterfly so we helped her draw the shape around the paint to define it. It would be equally beautfiul in a different shape, the fun is seeing what you come up with! 

Here's what you need:

Heavy Colorful Cardstock
Paint Palette
Paint (we prefer acrylic, but it is not washable)
Sandwich Sized Plastic Bag

FILL your palette up with gobs of paint- one color in each section of the palette.

INSERT your filled palette into the sandwich bag. Seal the sandwich bag and mush the paint all around.

TAKE the palette out of the bag and set aside- WARNING! This part is a bit messy. 

CUT the top and one side of the plastic bag and carefully open. 

PRESS your plastic bag face down onto your cardstock and gently press into the paper. 

PEEL off plastic and discard (or place on to a different colored piece of paper and make another print!). VOILA! What shape did you make?

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