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Introducing The Portrait Project

Introducing The Portrait Project

Our team at Moomah the Magazine is proud to be part of The Portrait Project, a non-profit organization that connects children across the world through the arts.

Though our magazine often provides the opportunity for parents and their children to connect through the arts, we find it equally as important to allow children to connect with others just like them from around the world. Through school programs from New York City to Haiti and Italy to Afghanistan, children participating in the Portrait Project are provided the opportunity to explore their similarities and celebrate their differences, learning just how much people in our world have in common.

Founded by Monique Gibson, The Portrait Project’s aim is to develop respect, curiosity and a sense of brotherhood that will last a lifetime. The program enables children to teach one another through film, internet meetings and art projects. They create portraits of their new friends, identifying what they have learned about their families, traditions, beliefs and daily lives. 

Stay tuned to Moomah the Magazine for updates on The Portrait Project, as well as stories and experiences we will share from amazing people all over the world.

“At a time when we often fail to see what unites us, we feel it is essential to help children view themselves as part of a global community”.

The Portrait Project from The Portrait Project on Vimeo.

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Sandra Burwell said…

I haven’t had time to explore all of your magazine yet but I am intrigued!  It is so full of so many issues, ideas, images…  I hope I have time soon.  I know what a tremendous amount of time, energy and passion putting together a website like this is.  Congratulations and good work!

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