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Introducing: MAKE NICE

Introducing: MAKE NICE

- Tracey Stewart

When I founded Moomah Inc. several years ago, I always hoped that our ventures would continue to grow and evolve along with us, while remaining interesting and inspiring to others. Moomah Café was first. A neighborhood sanctuary for sleep-deprived parents to connect with their kids in inspiring ways. Families loved it. Our team however spent our days huddled in the bowels of the café… Vitamin-D deprived and sweating over food costs and employee management. In an attempt to reach a wider audience, have more time for creative pursuits, and grow back stress-related hair loss, we created Moomah the Magazine.

Initially, Moomah the Magazine’s mission was to inspire connection between parents and children and to remind us to connect with ourselves. However this past year my life as a parent has evolved significantly, and I am so excited by all the change. I am no longer deep in the trenches of dirty diapers, sleepless nights, bleeding nipples and a sense that hyper-vigilance is necessary (it actually never was, but try telling me that back then). My kids are becoming more and more interested in the world around them and I am finding more time to explore it myself.

This year, I'm excited to announce that Moomah the Magazine will evolve even further with our Make Nice mission and its attempt to inspire connection between our kids and ourselves with the world around us. We will be featuring stories about great organizations and people that are working to truly make our world a better place, accompanied by the same crafts and activities that we've always brought you. We invite you and your kids to join us in our mission to Make Nice by helping some, or one of the featured organizations, through some really easy things you can do at home or in your community. We know you don't have a lot of time. We promise to make it easy and fun. There sure is a lot of Nice out there.

Our mission begins February 2014 as we work hand in hand with the Edible Schoolyard NYC. Stay tuned for some fun and easy ways you and the kiddies can join in their cause.

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Stanislav Dovidenko said…

Great story about evolution of the idea. Wish you the best.

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