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Make Nice Mission: In The Garden Scavenger Hunt

Make Nice Mission: In The Garden Scavenger Hunt

One of the first activities the students do as part of the Edible Schoolyard NYC program is take a five senses tour of the garden. They explore the different sections, learning where crops grow, where tools are kept, which areas are shady and which are hot, and so much more. The tour is a fun way for the students to learn their way around the garden as for many this is their first time in an edible garden.

If your child has never had the chance to wander around a garden and explore, it's time to get them out there! 

We provided the Edible Schoolyard NYC with these hand drawn illustrations to use in their program and we want you to have them at home, too! Here is our very own In The Garden Scavenger Hunt, a simple and fun activity to get your kids exploring.

wake up your senses!

Before your kids start the hunt, they might need a reminder of the five senses they will be using to discover the garden.

  • Sight. Which part of our bodies do we use to see? Name three things you can see when you look around.
  • Touch. Which part of our bodies do we use to touch? Name three things that you could touch.
  • Hear. Which part of our bodies do we use to hear? Name three things you can hear.
  • Smell. Which part of our bodies do we use to smell? Name three things you can smell.
  • Taste. Which part of our bodies do we use to taste? Name three things you can taste.

Ways You Can Play

There are lots of ways you can enjoy this garden hunt whether you have access to the Edible Schoolyard or not! You may have your own big backyard, might live near a community garden or even have access to a public park. If you have no access to the outdoors at all, you can repurpose our scavenger hunt to make your own garden. Whichever way you use it, don't forget to think about the senses you are using to find your items.


  • PRINT the scavenger hunt templates. Young children may find it easier to use the illustrated template as a guide to help them find what they are looking for. Older children may like the challenge of using their five senses and the riddle template to help them find the items in the garden.
  • GET OUTSIDE and search the garden for your items. Keep in mind that depending on the weather and the time of year, some items may be harder to find then others. If you can't find one or more of the items, mark it down and do some research to find out what time of the year or in which weather condition the item is most likely to be seen.
  • OPTION: If you decided to use the riddle template for clues you can take the activity one step further by sketching each item you find. Bring your clipboard and colored pencils out into the garden. When you find an item that matches the clue, draw the answer onto your page. When you have found all nine items, take a look at our illustrated template and compare your finds! Did you get all nine correct?

  • PRINT the illustrated template and the riddle template
  • CUT the nine images out of the illustrated template.
  • CUT the nine clues out of the riddle template.
  • MIX them up together.
  • TAKE a blank piece of paper and LAY the images down on the left hand side of the paper.
  • PASTE the images down the side of the paper, one under the other.
  • TAKE the clues and work out which clue matches the image.
  • PASTE the matching clue next to the appropriate image.


  • PRINT the illustrated template.
  • CUT the nine images out of the illustrated template.
  • TAKE a white piece of cardboard, colored pencils and a glue stick.
  • DESIGN your own garden, making sure there is room to stick all nine images in appropriate spots. 
  • PASTE the images down where you want them to sit in your garden.
  • ADD grass, clouds, trees and anything else you can imagine.



click here to learn more about the edible schoolyard nyc >>

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