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“I’m Thankful For” Placemat

“I’m Thankful For” Placemat

The holiday season is upon us, and so begin the family gatherings and eating-fests. Preparing the feast is enough to take care of so let your little ones design the table settings! Have your children dream up all that they are thankful for this Thanksgiving and turn their words into fancy placemats for the dinner table. Simple to make and spectacular to look at, this project gets everyone into the spirit of things, while remembering what we are celebrating in the first place. We've made it extra easy by including the images you need to get started!

Below are simple steps to creating your Thankful Placemat:

STEP 1 PRINT Collage Shapes, Cornucopia, and "I'm Thankful For" Banners
STEP 2 SELECT a background. We like to use paper that is 11" x 17" in size.
STEP 3 CUT the pictures of your choice- use what we have provided, find some of your favorite things in magazines, old books or even better, draw your own! 
STEP 4 PASTE the pictures onto the background.
STEP 5 LAMINATE the page (yourself if you have a laminating machine, or take it to your local Fedex Office and have them laminate for you).

TIP: If you want to make your background more interesting, take two different colored 11" x 17" sized papers. Tear one of the papers in half horizontally and paste it on top of the other paper, creating a multicolored background.

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Recent Comments

Julie M said…

I am so excited that you have made this Thanksgiving Day placemat available online!  I remember it from the Moomah Cafe days and it was always one of my favorite projects.  Can’t wait to print it out for my kiddos to make tonight in time for Turkey Day!

Lisa said…

We had a family craft day today and had a great time making the placemats. Thanks for this idea!

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