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Make Nice Mission: Jewelry Selling Fundraiser

Make Nice Mission: Jewelry Selling Fundraiser

HEART is the only full-service provider of humane education in the New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis and Portland areas. Their services are offered at no cost to public schools and other non-profit agencies. They believe that "once kids understand what the problems are, what the causes of some of these problems are and more importantly, what they can do about these things, they become empowered to actually want to make a difference." 

You and your kids can also make a difference by spreading the word about human rights and the importance of humane education through a simple front yard jewelry selling sale! Sell your crafts to raise money for HEART and help them to continue running their program in schools and empowering students around the country.

You will notice that Moomah the Magazine has a sponsor for this edition: The Little Market. Our goal of raising awareness and funding for incredible non-profits means teaming up with companies that we love who are willing to help spread the word about our featured organization and their mission. When you're willing to do that, we’re happy to share the page with you! 

We thank The Little Market for giving us a real-life insight into the way they are helping to achieve social justice and for the tips on how we can help, too. The Little Market's visit to Guatemala inspired us to make some bracelets of our own and their blog gave us some ideas for the best way to sell our products at a jewelry selling sale for HEART.


learn the facts:

Kids are more inspired to get involved in a project when they know a few facts that can make them an “expert” on the topic.

TALK to your kids about HEART; what they do and why they teach children about human rights and social justice. 

RESEARCH the issues of child labor, sweatshops and fair trade to help your kids understand why it's important to know where the products we buy were made.

VISIT a local craft market and talk to some of the artisans. Let your kids see the different types of handmade products that are sold in a marketplace and understand why it's so important to have access to a marketplace to sell your products.


Paying a visit to local artisans can help you to get inspired and learn how different products are made. If possible, try to take a lesson from an expert artisan and learn their craft first hand. 


Above: Hannah and Lauren learn how to block print and work a loom when visiting artisans in India and Morocco. Photo Credit: The Little Market



There are lots of different items you can make to sell at your jewelry selling fundraiser.

Try our beaded bracelets, fabric necklaces and tag necklaces. If you feel like getting creative and selling more than just jewelry, why not make some fabric accessoriesfelted butterflies for hairpieces and hat decorations, or use your extra beads to make some dream catchers

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets

Be inspired by the bracelets sold at The Little Market and make some beaded bracelets of your own.

Click here to make beaded bracelets >>

Fabric Necklaces

Fabric Necklaces

Recycle your old clothes and any extra fabrics around the house by turning them into beautiful fabric necklaces.

Click here to make fabric necklaces >>

Fabric Accessories

Fabric Accessories

Get creative by using leftover fabric pieces to make hair accessories, arm bands, belts and bracelets.

Click here to make fabric accessories >>

Tag Necklaces

Tag Necklaces

Switch out the photos of your family with some fun cutouts! Choose pictures from magazines or books, draw pictures or try stamps!

Click here to make tag necklaces >>

Felted Butterflies

Felted Butterflies

Felted butterflies can be sold individually or glued to headbands, hair clips, tote bags, hats or even necklaces.

Click here to make felted butterflies >>

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers

Use extra beads to make some colorful and creative dream catchers. Be sure to tell your customers what dream catchers do!

Click here to make dream catchers >>


It's important to make your table organized so that customers can see which items are for sale and how much they cost.

PRINT a sign to hang up by your table and let people know there is a sale. Click here to print our sign template >>

DECIDE on prices for each item and ATTACH a tag to let customers know how much they cost.

SPREAD your sale items around the table so that they are all in sight.

KEEP a calculator on hand to work out change and count the amount you raised.


It's good to wear the items you are selling. Show your customers how nice they look on you and let people ask where they came from. This is a good conversation starter and can lead to more sales.


Above: The ladies at The Little Market are always wearing their own products to remind us how good they look! Photo Credit: The Little Market


People are more likely to buy items from your sale if they know where the profits are going. Inform your customers!

MAKE a sign for your table telling your customers where the profits from your sale are being donated.

ADD an extra tag to your jewelry pieces that say "Made by ___"  It's nice to let your customers know where each product was made and who made them.

MAKE some pamphlets explaining where your profits are being donated and why you chose that organization. If you are choosing to donate your profits to HEART, be sure to write a little bit about what they do and how to find more information about them.

OPTION: Now that you know what Fair Trade means and can recognize the labels, make a new fair trade label of your own and add it to your items.


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