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Hop Into Spring: Tadpole to Frog Placemat

Hop Into Spring: Tadpole to Frog Placemat

They say you know that Spring is on it's way when you start to hear the frogs calling. When the warm rains begin and March comes along, frogs begin their reproductive season and start to grow, just like the rest of nature at this time of year. In New York City, however, this may not be the best time-tell that the growing season is upon us. We may not be able to hear their calling or watch as they come out of hibernation, but we can still enjoy the beauty of their lifecycle and be inspired by their shade of green thanks to the Tadpole to Frog Placemat.

Teach your kids about the different stages of the frog lifecycle - from egg to tadpole, through metamorphosis and into adult form. We've made it easy by providing the images you will need, all you need to do is put them in order.


PRINT all images of the frog throughout it's lifecycle, as well as the decoration for it's pond.

SELECT a background. We like to use paper that is 11" x 17" in size - any color or pattern will do. Your kids may even like to draw their own background, with a pond and flowers blooming in the Spring.

CUT out all of the images needed for the placemat.

ORGANIZE your images according to the lifecycle of the frog.

PASTE the pictures onto your background. As this is a lifecycle, you may choose to paste them in order, drawing arrows to show the change and steps in growth.

LAMINATE the page. If you have a laminating machine do it yourself, or take it to your local Fedex Office and have them laminate it for you.

TIP: If you want to make your background more interesting, take two different colored 11" x 17" sized papers. Tear one of the papers in half horizontally and paste it on top of the other paper, creating a multicolored background.

Want to learn more about frogs?

This sweet animation follows the lifecycle of some frogs in an Australian wetland.

The Trouble With Tadpoles is the story of a frog-spawn's transformation into tadpole and frog.

Live in NYC? Take a field trip to one of the many zoos to see and learn about frogs in the flesh. The Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo all have frog species to visit.

Live in San Francisco? The Rainforest Dome at the California Academy of Sciences is a must see to experience frogs in their natural habitat and listen to them call.

Live in Chicago? Just 14 miles west of Downtown Chicago, the Chicago Zoological Society in Brookfield has a moist pond habitat where you can visit the special frogs.



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