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Honoring Our Mothers In Style

Honoring Our Mothers In Style

- Tracey Stewart

Working out ideas for our Moomah Mother's Day Edition got us talking a lot about our own moms. Between the three members of our team, we have moms who entered motherhood in the 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s. They all walked many of the same roads as us, just at different periods of time.

I’d like to pretend we got into an intelligent sociopolitical discussion about the impact of those different times on our mother’s lives... but we didn’t... we went straight to the clothes.

My mom was very tailored, with her pencil skirt and fancy heels. Lisel’s mom mastered the 70's with her effortless, natural bohemian charm, and Rachel's mom pulled off the double denim, triumphing by avoiding some of the worst turns in fashion a decade had ever seen. Damn girls, you did good!

Luckily, versions of their styles are still alive and well today. With our moms as inspiration, we decided to pull together outfits that paid homage to their past looks. We found modern classics at J.Crew, simple bohemian chic at Matta and relaxed cool at Madewell.  What better gift for mom than telling her that you appreciate, admire and even at times attempt to emulate her.


My mom and I had extremely different forces shaping us as women and mothers, yet we share the same goals: to be strong, resilient and smart, to make a difference in the lives of others, to be the best moms and wives we could be, and (I’ll admit it) to look good while doing it all. Parts of my mother live in my laugh, my love for animals and my dry heels. 

Her look

The straight pencil skirt and tailored top. She loved to wear the light colored outfit, but then turn it out with some dark heels below. My mom would have loved to add an Ipad to her look if only someone had thought of it back then.

Her look Re-Created

J. Crew Pencil Skirt >>
J. Crew Sweater >>
J. Crew Two Toned Pumps >>
J. Crew Dodo Case >>
J. Crew Tassle Necklace >>


70'S boho: MATTA NY

My mom is one of those women who's age is a mystery. The sparkle in her eye and her sweet smile confuse those who try and guess how old she is. Out in her garden from morning until night, my mom refuses to live a life that is not full of joy. If I were going to guess some of the ingredients to her secret of youth I would say they are an open heart, her spirit of selflessness, a great sense of humor and her gardening duds!


Earthy and bohemian, her style is feminine and natural. I can still feel the way her ageless leather Birkenstocks felt when I would clop them around the house: soft, smooth and worn to authentic perfection, just like her. The only thing missing for this classic hippy look is her trademark head scarf.

Her Look Re-Created

Matta NY Tunic >>
Matta NY Sandals >>
Matta NY Star Hoops >>
Matta NY Beaded Belt >>
Matta NY Beaded Bracelet >>




My mom and I are almost one in the same. We're stubborn, we're sun-babies, we're cry babies, and we love to smile. She inspires me with her constant desire to help others and puts everyone else ahead of her at all times. She is patient but determined, and she is there no matter what. Who could ask for much more than that?  


Denim on denim. She kept it simple and outdoorsy - flat sandals and an over the shoulder bag. While the chambray shirt look has seen a resurgence these days, those frills have made way for the button-down boy look. Only thing missing is the wide-brimmed hat.

Her Look Re-Created

Madewell Skinny Ankle Jeans >>
Madewell Chambray Shirt >>
Madewell Sandals >>
Madewell Tote >>
Madewell Sun Hat >>
Madewell Sun Glasses >>

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