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Honeybee Collage

Honeybee Collage

The honeybees needs all the attention they can get these days. With the use of pesticides and other industrial farming practices causing their population to decrease, it's up to us as backyard gardeners and local shoppers to do what we can to encourage their presence in our yard. We can plant flowers to attract them as pollinators, build bee houses for them to live in, and buy honey from sustainable beekeepers who encourage their survival and help their population to grow.

Use our honeybee collage as a reminder of all the ways honeybees help us in our world and all the ways we can help them in return.


Honeybee Template - this will become your stencil
12" x 12"  black card-stock
12" x 12" thick illustration board or cardboard- this will be the back of your project
Hand ripped paper pieces - any color you choose
X-acto Knife - this makes cutting smooth
Glue Stick

PRINT your honeybee template as large as possible on standard sized paper.

TAPE your template on top of a 12" x 12” piece of cardstock. Be sure to tape the template directly in the center of the page.

CUT along the edge of the bee shape, using an x-acto blade. Cut carefully through both the template and the cardstock.

DROP the positive shape out, leaving the negative shape of the bee on the 12" x 12" cardstock. It takes patience so go slow! You now have a die-cut silhouette - very professional!

RIP pieces of colored paper to fill the inside of your bee. We used shades of yellow and orange (with some random colors in there, too).

GLUE over your cardboard backing and FILL it with your ripped paper. Mix colors and make sure each piece is securely glued in place.

CHECK that you have filled all necessary areas of your background with colored paper. Do this by laying your black silhouette over the collage, making sure you have filled the space that will be seen through your die-cut bee and text.

COVER your silhouette with glue (if you have spray fix, that works well too). Be sure you are gluing the correct side - you don't want it stuck backwards!

LAY your silhouette over your collage, making sure both sides are adhered evenly to one another.

FRAME IT! Your masterpiece is complete and lovely enough to frame and hang, where ever you choose!


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