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Homemade Holiday Cards

Homemade Holiday Cards

Let’s be honest. As children, we never cared about the cards that came with our presents (that is, unless they had money in them. Mwa ha ha). Nevertheless, our moms and dads trained us to spend an appropriately convincing amount of time pretending to read the cards on our brightly-papered gifts and then to croon in our sweetest voices, “ah, thank you!” But once this charade was complete, we violently tore apart the wrapping paper to get to the gift already!

These days, of course, those toys don’t hold the same appeal for me. And I usually buy that overpriced moisturizer for myself, unable to wait for some event where someone will feel obligated to gift it to me. So now, it’s all about the card. The card is the only thing I really look forward to at gift-giving time. A store-bought glossy just will not suffice—it feels insincere and generic. Even my husband and I prefer to make and receive handwritten cards from each other instead of gifts. The collection of these I keep in the drawer by my bedside are a much more meaningful reminder of our moments than any overpriced moisturizer.

My kids know the deal too, and since they are only 7 and 8, card making really works in their favor. It’s all I ever want from them, for the rest of their lives... along with only marrying who I deem worthy, living close-by, and feeling an overwhelming gratitude for all my sacrifices.

We've provided some great cut-outs to make many wonderful winter scenes for your holiday cards. Make sure to provide the kids with lots of materials to make their own mark on all the designs. Don’t forget, it’s not just mom and dad that love these cards: aunts and uncles, grandparents and teachers love them, too!

Here's what you will need to get started:

Arctic Cutouts Click Here >> (print on white or cream cardstock if possible)
Happy Holiday Cutouts Click Here >> (Hint: print on colored paper and color will come through on the type- we used red cardstock).

Standard Size Kraft Paper & Envelopes
Assorted cardstock (blues, greys, whites, patterened)
Scissors & Xacto Blade
Glue Stick
Hole Puncher (Snow Flake Punch Optional)
• Additional supplies to decorate with (Hint: We love to add color with crayons or even better, oil pastels >>)

Step 1: COLLECT  your supplies, PRINT the Arctic Cutouts & Holiday Tags and CHOOSE cardstock for the base of your card. The size of the card is up to you.

Step 2: DESIGN the background of your winter scene. Take colored paper and rip sections in any angle to use as a mountainous landscape. Using patterned paper gives this a more exciting look – even lined notebook paper works!

Step 3: START by laying your landscape paper tears towards the top of the paper and layering down to get the landscape effect.

Step 4: CONTINUE layering your paper tears. Don't forget the patterned paper!

Step 5: CUT out your Arctic Cutouts & Holiday Tags, along with anything else you want to add to your collage. Lay them out onto your paper before gluing to make sure you like the placement.

Step 6: MAKE snowflakes! A nice addition is to use the circle scraps from a hole-puncher as snowflakes. You can also get a snowflake puncher!

Step 7: GLUE all of your pieces down on your paper. Remember when it’s handmade you can’t make a mistake.

Step 8: SCORE your fold: Using your ruler and an xacto knife (open a pair of scissors if you don't have one), lay your ruler down the center of the page and gently glide the blade from top to bottom being careful not to go all the way through the paper. This will make it easy to fold your very thick paper. Now you just have to think of something nice to say on the inside!

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