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Helping Kids Transition to a New Schedule

Helping Kids Transition to a New Schedule

- By Tracey Stewart

Every now and then amidst endless rounds of trial and error I have a moment of brilliance that makes my life as a mother profoundly easier.  My kids have trouble transitioning. Playtime to bedtime, indoor to outdoor, blue shirt to slightly less blue shirt. No change is too incremental to cause monumental fussery. And there is no transition more fraught with peril than the sleep schedule change that comes with the end of a weekend, a long school break or back to school.

Reinstituting a new schedule was a huge drag… until my epiphany. Make them do it! Or, let them think they are doing it without my intervention... 

Using funny drawings and clear directions outlined on the kitchen chalkboard, I could not only involve my kids in creating their new schedule, but also excite them into looking forward to our elaborate plan as we put it into motion.

I shudder to think of what mornings would be like without the family chalkboard. Many mornings are actually enjoyable and we even arrive on time (most days). When we start to fall off the tracks again, we go back to the chalkboard to create a new plan that addresses where we’ve digressed.

It worked so well in this one instance that we now use it for other transitional hurdles or goals.


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