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How Can We Help Elephants?

How Can We Help Elephants?

Taegan Yardley is not alone in her efforts to save elephants. There are many good people out there doing their best to protect these beautiful animals, and you can be one of them. It's easy! Partake in one or more of the FOUR ideas below and you can feel good about doing your part.


BRIKA is an online shopping website featuring the work of makers, artisans and designers. Their #SaveElephants collection in partnership with the Clinton Foundation donates 10% of proceeds to to the Wildlife Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, all of which work to save African elephants. Read more about the collaboration here.

Shop their collection and make a small difference with every purchase. Below are six of our favorite items from BRIKA's collection. Click on the image to purchase! Click here to see the whole collection.


2. TAKE PART IN THE Global March For Elephants

Taegen Yardley has initiated the first March for Elephants in Vermont this October, but this is a global event. The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos takes place on October 3rd and 4th in countries all around the world. The march highlights the need for all countries to implement a ban on the trade of endangered wildlife body parts, including ivory, and aims to encourage local and federal governments to implement laws that put an end to wildlife trafficking, wildlife crime and wildlife destruction.

Click here to learn about the march for elephants and rhinos in your country and see if there is a march happening near you. Click here to learn more about Taegen's efforts and learn how to make a paper mache tusk to take with you when you march. 


3. LEARN FROM the elephant sanctuary in tennessee

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is the nation's largest natural habitat developed specifically for African and Asian elephants in need. The sanctuary has been designed specifically for old, sick or needy elephants who have been retired from zoos and circuses. While the sanctuary is closed to the general public in order to respect the well-being of the elephants, it does provide a number of ways to observe, learn and support elephants both on and off property.

Click here to watch the Elecam and view elephants grazing, foraging, swimming, even napping in their natural habitat. The Elecam is a free online feature available seven days a week, year round. You can also get involved in the sanctuary's Distance Learning Program, where classrooms and communities get access to hour long sessions with the education staff and enjoy live streaming of the elephants.

Want to do more? Volunteer for a day! Click here to read more about how you can volunteer to help the animals.


Education is always the first step to making change. Talk to people about the struggles that elephants face. Use the information on the World Wildlife Fund page to learn about how great elephants are and how useful they are for our environment. 

Create beautiful pieces of art that can also serve as a talking point. Our Elephant collage can do just that. Get together with a group of friends and make our elephant collage. While you're crafting, make an effort to get the conversation rolling and educate your friends on the struggles that elephants face. This simple discussion can go a long way.


Elephant Template
12" x 12"  black card-stock - this will be your stencil
12" x 12" thick board or cardboard - this is your backing
Hand ripped paper pieces
X-acto Knife or Scissors
Glue stick

PRINT your elephant template at 100%.

CUT the elephant out of your template.

TRACE the elephant backwards a piece of black cardstock.

CUT out your traced elephant leaving the negative shape on your cardstock. You now have a die-cut silhouette - very professional!

RIP pieces of colored paper and GLUE them onto your cardboard backing. CHECK that you have filled the space that will be seen through your die-cut elephant by laying your black silhouette over the collage.

COVER your silhouette with glue (if you have spray fix, that works well too) and LAY it over your collage.

FRAME IT! Your masterpiece is complete and lovely enough to frame and hang where ever you choose!

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