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Heart Pillow

Heart Pillow

Decorative throw pillows can be expensive... but, made with gorgeous materials and patterns, they effortlessly help change the look of a room and add that little extra something that's been missing. They make you feel cozy and comfortable and let's face it, they make you happy and satisfied with your look. This Valentines Day, make your own decorative pillow and let your loved ones (or yourself!) feel all of those same feelings.

We thought we would show you how to simply (and affordably) make those decorative throw pillows that bring love into any room.

Make your own Heart Pillow:

Heart Stencil extra small small / medium / large (we used large)
Pillow Cover
Pillow Insert
Fabric Paints
Duct Tape
Cardstock 12" x 12"
Canson Palette Paleta
Spray Adhesive

 2  3 

PRINT the heart stencil onto standard sized paper.

FOLD one piece of cardstock in half and TAPE the heart stencil on top, making sure that the middle of the heart is in line with the middle of the fold.

CUT around the outline of the heart stencil and cardstock, so that once cut and unfolded, you have one heart cut-out and one heart stencil.

 5  6 

SPRAY a light coat of spray adhesive onto the back of your heart stencil to ensure a clean line around your stencil.

PLACE your heart stencil onto your pillow cover in position and tape around the edges of the cardstock, to ensure it will not move about. 

PREPARE your paint colors together on your palette paper to get the type of color you are after.

 8  9 

SPONGE a coat of white paint inside your heart stencil, filling the heart with paint. We begin with the white layer to ensure the color on top will show up bright. Allow to dry.

LAYER your desired colors on top of your white base coat with a sponge, pressing color around the edges rather than pulling across the fabric.

ALLOW fabric paint to dry before removing the duct tape and heart stencil. Once removed, you will see your heart!

The heart pillow is just one simple design for Valentines Day. Other ideas may be to create stencils with words, cupids arrow or even smaller hearts surrounding the center piece. Another nice idea is to use Fabric Markers to write notes to your loved ones on the pillow, personalizing it for them, from you.

PS: The other pillow you see in the main image is from one of our favorite Etsy Shops, Bark Decor >>

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Tracy said…

This website is so lovely. I’ve enjoyed reading a few posts and getting fun ideas to use in my home - thank you!
I LOVE these stones. I recently went to the beach and found a heart shaped stone. Sadly, instead of keeping it, I skipped it back into the ocean with my friend. Well, your post in inspiring me to head on back there and look for more! Gorgeous colors.

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