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Be Mine Collage

Be Mine Collage

My daughter very sweetly made this heart collage for my husband and I for Valentine’s Day one year. It hangs over our bed and serves as a nice reminder of what’s supposed to happen there once the kids are asleep, the dogs are walked, the lunches are packed, the clothes are set out… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  Whoops!

Make your own Heart Collage

Heart Template - this will become your stencil
12" x 12"  black card-stock
12" x 12" thick illustration board or cardboard- this will be the back of your project
Hand ripped paper pieces We used shades of red and pink or you could add newspaper or wrapping paper for variation.
• X-acto Knife or scissors
• Glue stick

PRINT your heart template as large as possible on standard sized paper.

CUT along the lines of the heart and text on your stencil. Use your x-acto knife for the most precise cut. It takes patience so go slow!

TRACE the heart and the text backwards onto the 12" x 12" black construction paper. Use pencil to not see the drawing when it is cut.

REPEAT step two (cutting out the heart and text) on your traced paper. You now have a die-cut silhouette - very professional!

RIP pieces of colored paper, making sure that you have the colors you desire. 

GLUE all over your cardboard backing and fill the page with your ripped paper, mixing colors as you please and making sure each piece is securely glued in place.

CHECK that you have filled all necessary areas of your background with colored paper. Do this by laying your black silhouette over the collage, making sure you have filled the space that will be seen through your die-cut heart and text.

COVER your silhouette with glue (if you have spray fix, that works well too). Be sure you are gluing the correct side - you don't want it stuck backwards!

LAY your silhouette over your collage, making sure both sides are adhered evenly to one another.

FRAME IT! Your masterpiece is complete and lovely enough to frame and hang, where ever you choose!

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