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Make Nice Mission: H.E.A.R.T. & Environmental Ethics

Make Nice Mission: H.E.A.R.T. & Environmental Ethics

Over the past few years, our Moomah team and its contributors have formed a special relationship with our local animal shelter, Animal Haven. AH has become an enabler in our obsession with shelter animals and a real inspiration to ourselves and our kids. Our younger contributors  have worked hard to get the animals adopted through home-made videos, they’ve gone without Christmas presents in order to collect food and toys for the dogs, and have organized bake sales to raise money for their favorite little animals. Our elder team members have designed holiday donation cards to raise money for the shelter, created posters for fundraising events and  have written articles to encourage adoptions.

Besides introducing us to the cute little adoptees that crawled into our hearts and actually into our homes, Animal Haven also made an invaluable introduction to the folks at HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers). We're so crazy about them we wish they we could bring them home as well. HEART brings age-appropriate instructional programs that focus on human rights, animal protection and environmental ethics to public schools and other non-profit agencies at no cost. They are in fact, the only full-service provider of humane education in New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis and Portland. 

Each week HEART brings a lovely program to Animal Haven Shelter called Caring Kids. The Caring Kids program teaches children of all ages about animal protection. At the end of most sessions the children even get to meet one of the potential adoptees up close. Kids meet people working in different animal fields- wildlife rehabilitators, animal physical therapists and veterinarians that help provide care to animals in the Galapagos.

The kids also get to give back to their community with amazing projects like making care packages for housebound seniors to help them take care of their companion animals, making books about animal welfare to help teach English to children in the Galapagos and making pet carriers to promote animal adoption are just a few of the great projects and exposures. 

HEART executive director, Meena Alagappan (pictured on the left with Dipper the dog that ended up going home with Tracey) and Kimberly Korona (Program Coordinator) took some time out of their busy day to meet with us and help us learn more about their mission.

As a non-profit organization, HEART has developed programs and services designed for Kindergarden through High School students and provide resources for educators as well. Their programs are created to impact the way young people think about their responsibility to one another, to animals and to the natural world.

One of the main things we love about the teachers and directors at HEART is their passion for spreading the word about doing good and making right in our world. They spend months upon months compiling resource guides, curriculum, lessons and programs all for the good of humane education. In fact their 40-lesson resource guide on animal protection was just released… at no charge. The activities are compiled, completed and available online for anyone to use as their own with only one request: spread the word about Animal Protection, Human Rights and Environmental Issues and teach the correct message to a new generation of kids.

make nice mission : heart (environmental ethics program)

We got to work up close with HEART through our work with the Animal Haven and quickly fell in love with their instructors and their programs. We committed to add some projects of our own to their outstanding curriculum. We planned on dedicating an issue to them but quickly saw that one issue wasn't enough.

In correlation with Earth Day, we have dedicated this month's Make Nice Mission to HEART's Environmental Ethics program. Their lessons were so well laid out and inspiring. We encourage you and your kids to partake in some of these great lessons and projects in your own home or even bring them to your classrooms.

In the coming month's we'll be bringing you two more issues dedicated to HEART ---their Human Rights and Animal Welfare curriculums.



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