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Head Over Heels for Someone That I Used to Know

Head Over Heels for Someone That I Used to Know

A few months ago, like millions of other people (and animals- see links below), I found myself bizarrely obsessed with Gotye’s song “Someone That I Used To Know”.  Even two months after hearing the song for the first time, I was still embarrassingly excited by it. I wanted to play the song incessantly. If I was going to indulge myself in this manner my kids were going to have to come along for the ride or their constant complaints to play something else would surely wreck my buzz. I was going to have to figure out a way to win them over.

My daughter was easy. Her fascination with the highs and lows of romance had her saying, “Play it again mama!!!! But PLEASE don’t sing this time.” I showed my son all the ingenious animations in Gotye’s videos, and he was hooked…done! Now that I had successfully lured my children into my fan-club, we could start having some fun.

Our repeated views of the video has spawned several art projects. We loved the video so much, we got to the root of Gotye's inspriation for his video. The concept of “Someone That I Used to Know” was inspired by a geometric painting that Gotye’s  (Wouter "Wally" De Backer) father had done in the 1980’s. We thought it would be fun to try it ourselves.


Make your own geometric painting


Step 1: Take a piece of paper and fold and unfold and fold and unfold in all different directions over and over again.
Step 2: Now fill in the geometric shapes with acrylic or water-soluble paint. Let paint dry.
Step 3: Take a black crayon or pencil and trace the creased lines.
Step 4: tape your new geometric art-piece to the wall or frame it like I did!

Step 1

My fiendish plan of a family shared obsession was going swimmingly well. Then I took it one step too far... (see below). My son was not as excited as I was to recreate the Gotye video. Way to rain on my parade kid.

Here’s some of my fellow obsessed:

The Actual Gotye Somebody That I Used To Know Video…So Good!!!! Watch >>
Gotye on SNL (backstage digital short)…hilarious. Laugh >>
Somebody that I Use To Know performed by Walk Off The Earth…unbelievable! WOW >>
Somebody That I Used To Know Parody Performed By A Dog And Cat...Cute but helps me to feel that it must come to and end. Aw Jeez >>

- By Tracey Stewart

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