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Hands Off My Homework Mommy!

Hands Off My Homework Mommy!

- Tracey Stewart

I’m not one of those annoying parents that goes on ad nauseum about the virtues of not letting my child watch television. I’m not one that brags about how truly exceptional my kids are (even though my kids are truly exceptional…I mean really they are). I am most certainly not one that tells my 5 year old son that there is a Ugandan warlord who commits unspeakable acts. Oh, but I have my faults. One of them being that I steal my children’s art projects, projects that are assigned to be done at home... by my child. I find that in these circumstances, even though I know what I’m doing is wrong, I don’t stop myself. I do the project.

Recently, my son’s teacher assigned an art project. He brought home a white canvas hat that he was to decorate using 100 of the same item of his choice to celebrate the school year’s 100th day. Well-adjusted parents, who are aware of appropriate boundaries and the virtue of letting children do things for themselves, discussed the project with their child then sat back and let the child go to work. These children brought back to class hats adorned with 100 crayoned circles, 100 stickers, 100 glued on buttons, 100 glued on bottle caps. But not my boy…no, no.

In this case, my son’s class had been studying bees, so he was excited about gluing 100 bees to his hat. But I couldn’t stop there. Instead I decided, “Wouldn’t it be fun for us (me) to turn the hat into a full-on beekeepers hat?” He humored me by saying, “sure?”.

Below are my simple steps to constructing a bee-hat:

the hat using brown RIT dye.
CUT black mesh into a rectangle that will wrap around the hat, hanging from the brim of the hat to the shoulders (my son lost interest at this point).

SEW a black ribbon along the top and bottom of the mesh (if you want to skip the sewing you can use a *glue-gun, but it won’t be quite as pretty). Make sure to leave enough ribbon on each end to make an easy bow on the top and bottom.

USE a glue gun*, to glue on 100 bees (my son glued on 3 before burning my finger and returning to his video game).

I rationalized that my son’s excitement upon seeing the completed hat made my transgression acceptable.

* TIP: If you accidentally get hot glue on your finger, don’t rip it off immediately. Let it cool by blowing on it then remove the glue. If you pull off the glue while it’s hot, you’re sure to remove your own flesh along with the hot glue.

* * *

Rather than stealing your child’s art project for this one, you might use it as the start of a fun Halloween costume. Just use Joe's sticky stuff  to attach bees to whatever clothes your child is comfortable going trick-or-treating in. If you want to add some beekeeping accessories you can glue some bees to this water filter to resemble a beekeeping tray. Add to the project by creating a little lesson on Bee Keeping- Here's a great book about beekeeping to get you started!

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