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Good Eggs: Better Food, More Heart

Good Eggs: Better Food, More Heart

- Lisel Ashlock

DID YOU KNOW that in a conventional grocery store, all of the USA grown produce you see (whether you’re in Chicago or Austin) has been grown by one of just two enormous farms? These farms are so massive that in order to yield the amount of food needed to support the entire country, they have no choice but to use large amounts of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides on all of their crop. And while they spray away their food, pick green tomatoes so that they ripen on the week long trek across country, and raise scores of animals in filthy cramped conditions, small local farms are struggling to survive. The industrial farm continues to overtake local family-run farms that are growing fresh, non-pesticide gold every day.

We always wonder why? Why are local farms not the primary provider of produce for their respective communities, especially when so many of them are struggling for business? Our food would be fresh (arriving in our hands just a day or so after being picked), our environment would be cleaner (minimizing the pollution put into our atmosphere from transporting food back and forth across the country), our soil wouldn’t be left for dead (full of harsh toxins that growing huge monocultures of crops required), our animals would be treated humanely, and the vast environmental damage that large scale meat and poultry factories produce in forms of waste would be severely minimized. AND we would become more powerful! Given the ability to really choose what we eat and who we support, power would be put back in our hands and we would be given the opportunity to help our communities thrive in a very direct way.

Our struggle to eat local and support small farms was seemingly impossible in some areas of New York City... that is, until we discovered Good Eggs in the bleakest moment of winter 2014. At a time when we barely left the house and the local farmers markets were closing stalls early on account of the endless snowstorms, we were forced to trudge a mile and back over mini-ice mountains (yes, miles through the snow just like our grandparents), just to get farm raised meat or organic produce. Then, one day while scrolling through our Instagram feed, we spotted an elusive post on instagram about Good Eggs. Curious, we went down the rabbit hole and within 20 minutes, had placed our first fresh food order.

Good Eggs was a dream right off the bat, from the responsive and easy to navigate website, to the pretty images of local food and profiles of the farmers that harvested it. But it didn’t end there. There was a personal email waiting in our mailbox asking if we were pleased with the order, a timely and sweet delivery guy (who would NOT accept a tip), and even a little treat in the bag! 

Though the freebies in the order really made the experience stand out, more valuable was that Good Eggs solved a huge challenge in our lives. Since every product available on the site comes from local surrounding farms, just by placing our weekly order of groceries (everything from veggies, to meat, flowers, pickles, milk dairy, almond milk, homemade tomato sauce, ramen broth, gluten free cookies, and more) we are automatically fulfilling our goal to shop locally. We all want to play our part in supporting local farmers and simultaneously say NO to the industrial farming of our food, but reality is that it's hard to maintain day to day. The philosophy driving Good Eggs is a truly tangible beginning that makes this seemingly overwhelming commitment so simple and so easy to implement daily.

We got in touch with the team at Good Eggs NY and paid a visit to their Brooklyn Hub to get a behind the scenes look at their self-proclaimed "organized chaos." It was amazing to see just how their system worked, how friendly and happy their employees were, and how well-cared for and beautifully packaged their individual orders looked. Huge monitors tracked each and every order, while different shelves were filled with certain deliveries intended to go out at specific times and along certain delivery routes. And as if the working environment didn't look exciting enough… the team was served a homemade lunch made in-house by their incredibly talented chef. Lucky for us, we arrived just in time for lunch, too!


The meal for the day was inspired by a traditional Swedish summer lunch, made entirely out of fresh ingredients from their local produce suppliers. As we sat devouring every mouthful on our plate, we had a brief chat with two members of the Brooklyn team, Erin and Summer, about the way Good Eggs supports sustainable farming and why they believe it's important to shop and eat local:

"Sustainable food is food grown and made by folks who care about quality and the welfare of their land and local communities. Good Eggs supports sustainable food systems that are transparent, built with integrity, and run by folks who are happy to stop and tell you how something was grown or made. Our food is always traceable, empowering consumers to be more informed about what they’re eating and the choices they’re making.

Good Eggs opts for produce that's seasonal and as-local-as-possible, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers so our soil isn’t depleted of nutrients or left full of toxins. We support seafood that’s sustainably caught from nearby waters in order to protect natural fish populations and keep waters free of waste from fish farms. We support ranchers who practice good animal husbandry and raise their animals without hormones, rBGH, or feed containing animal byproducts. We also support local businesses making high-integrity prepared foods who are 100% transparent about their ingredient sources, and most importantly, their food has to taste great!

We’re committed to our mission—to grow and sustain local food systems— as the primary goal of our business. We really believe that supporting local food systems is better for everyone. As people get more and more of their food from local systems—systems built on caring for the land, the animals and the people in them—we’ll see real change (and we already have!)."

You might notice that Good Eggs is our sponsor for this edition of Moomah the Magazine's Make Nice Mission. Our goal to raise awareness about important issues in our world means teaming up with companies that we love who are willing to help us spread the word and get involved. When you're willing to do that, we’re happy to share the page with you! 

We were so inspired after seeing the Good Eggs team in action (and after devouring every fresh delivery in our order), that we decided to partner up with them to promote sustainable farming. New York respresentative, Erin Zimmer, introduced us to some unique local farmers that are putting some interesting new products out into the world and gave us a run-down on what makes them special and fun to eat. She put us in touch with Good Eggs New York Lead and owner of Fishkill Farms, Josh Morgethau, who gave us a few tips on how he lives a sustainable life and what he believes in the most important thing to consider when living sustainably. And of course, Good Eggs sent us some beautiful fresh tomatoes to preserve and keep summer alive in our house all winter long. 

We thank Good Eggs for their involvement in our edition and all the good they are doing to help promote sustainable farming and support local farmers.


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